Tom Brady and Antonio Brown are working out with Deion Sanders' son

If you're Shedeur Sanders, the quarterback son of Famer Deion Sanders' Pro Football Hall, you know you have the genetics on your side. But that's not all to become the best or to follow in your father's footsteps. You have to do more.
Sanders definitely does more. On Saturday, the new senior at Trinity Christian High School in Texas (a three-star recruit from the rival) was trained for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by none other than Tom Brady, QB. Sanders, who has already received numerous offers from schools across the country, has posted about it on social media, and it looks like he's been sucking up every minute.
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Brady also seemed to have a lot of it.
"You will determine what your future holds," he wrote in response to Sander's Instagram post. "I am always there for you."
Brady even included the Sanders training session in an Instagram story and said, "When you're green, you grow ... when you're ripe, you rot."
If you're worried that Papa Sanders is upset that his son is taking football lessons from someone other than him, you can relax. Deion fully supported Shedeur's training session with Brady.
Brady isn't the only NFL player Sanders has trained with. Young Sanders recently worked with former recipient Antonio Brown of Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, and Shedeur seemed to really enjoy it.
Deion also agreed to this on Instagram and published the video and the title: "Lord, we thank you for this day, although it may not be perfect. It is the PRESENTATION and this gift means opportunity and it means an opportunity!"
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