Tom Brady Asks What He Should Do With Himself. Twitter Tells Him.

Tom Brady used it up and trolled doubters after winning his seventh Super Bowl earlier this month.
Now he doesn't seem to have any more activities until training camp. On Sunday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback wrote on Twitter: "Soooo, what should I do for the next 5 months ...?"
Soooo what should I do for the next 5 months ...?
- Tom Brady (@TomBrady) February 21, 2021
Critics were only too happy to respond.
Forego Trump and become a better American.
- Tired of raising hands (@willkorbus) February 22, 2021
- LADY QUEEN SunShine ??? (@misstyleshia) February 22, 2021
Back off and get drunk on the boat all the time.
- Charles Taylor (@ chuck73t) February 22, 2021
Read these books.
- Sand Squatch (@ SandSquatch1) February 22, 2021
Don't learn to cheat
-? ️‍ ????? Hail to the great and glorious Claudia (@jessiesk) on February 22nd, 2021
Find better friends?
- Christine Thomas ?? ‍♀️? ❄️ ?? ️‍? (@christineitmi) February 22, 2021
Respect others by wearing a mask first.
- ?? Dar ?? (@ DarPeterson92) February 22, 2021
Damn retirement
- Vic (@ItsMeYahGirlVic) February 22, 2021
Learning how to be humble would be a good start.
- Rho-Derek (@Seiken_wi) February 22, 2021
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