Tom Brady puts a stake through the heart of his haters

Curran: Brady puts a bet through the heart of his haters, who originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston
What else should the man do?
That's a rhetorical question, although I'm sure the goal posts will be moved back to Tom Brady during the conversation.
What, he didn't even throw 200 meters? The Bucs Defense carried him. Besides, anyone could win with this team. Carpet excavator. If he can't get around Green Bay and play a Super Bowl at his home stadium for the first time, that's a big mistake!
43-year-old Tom Brady is in the NFC championship game for the first time in his career. He went to 13 in the other conference. A team that won seven games last year has now - with Brady - won 13. The team he was on last year won 12 and then seven this year. Same five-game dropoff as 2008.
Brady, Bucs open as betting underdogs for the NFC championship
Any wacky holdouts that still cling to the belief that Brady was backed by a system, coaching staff, or patriotic aura for two decades are not to be considered serious people. Same goes for anyone minimizing what Brady did for a punch line franchise next Monday.
This is not a Tom Proved Bill Column. We've walked this ground enough, haven't we? At 43, Brady is better than Belichick ever thought. The same goes for 44 and 45 if he is still playing and winning.
Do you know how many times I've heard the words, "We're here in uncharted territory ..." as the Patriots fixated on what would happen if an aging Brady were injured or his ability impaired? A lot of. From many different people. Everyone loved Tom Brady very much.
Belichick is the one who brought the concept "It's better to be out a year early than a year late" into our consciousness. Turning Brady into the fifth decade of quarterback on the planet his team was like asking someone to stand still with incandescent coal in the open palm.
Brady knew. He shot away. Bill is getting his restart.
Can Brady win without Belichick? Yes. And the 2020 season in Tampa will be indelible proof. But he can only win that way because Belichick and what he helped develop and promote. And let's be honest. If Belichick coached this particular collection of talent in Tampa, he would have his second regular 16-0 season.
Can Belichick win without Brady? Harder than what the quarterback pulls off. He has to rebuild a roster, which admittedly is flat and stale in too many places on his watch. But if he gets even half a Brady and doesn't kill the draft or the free agency, then - BAM! - You will see double digit profits again.
Enough of it.
For me, the only thing too often overlooked about Brady - and overlooked in New England - is that the man is indestructible.
Brady just retired Drew Brees. He survived Peyton Manning. He will survive Roethlisberger, Rivers and Eli. Check out this year's playoff field. Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes couldn't finish their playoff games. Alex Smith was unable to start for WFT due to a calf injury. Taysom Friggin 'Hill couldn't play on Sunday. Jared Goff was playing with a surgically repaired hand and was unable to start Rams' first playoff game. Brady's potential successor Jimmy G. missed more games than he did in San Francisco. And his real successor here, Cam Newton, is a shell of its own. Throw Carson Wentz for Hell.
Brady and Bucs D have the lead in winning the division round
Hee-hee, ha-ha, avocado ice cream, moisture and suppleness. The TB12 stuff is all a scam.
Sure it is. Meanwhile, teams are spending a quarter of a billion on 27-year-olds who take a break every few weeks.
Brady is likely to go out on his sign in Green Bay next Sunday. Aaron Rodgers won't miss some of the throws Brees took, and his arm and posability are still unmatched. In addition, the Bucs are completely destroyed by the cold. It's inevitable.
What Brady has done this year isn't entirely unprecedented. Peyton Manning's run in Denver was pretty much the same. Same goes for Joe Montana in Kansas City. But while none were as successful as Brady when he went to Tampa, they didn't get half the crap Brady did about impending disaster.
Tom Brady was supposed to find out how difficult things were outside of Belichick's warm bosom. It turns out he gets up just fine on his own.
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