Too Hot to Handle 's Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey Split: 'I Thought We Were Going to Get Married'

It's over for Too Hot to Handle Stars Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey.
The couple, who met on the set of the Netflix dating show and stayed together after their production, announced that they went their separate ways on Tuesday.
Farago was the first to spread the word about the breakup in an emotional 5-minute YouTube video titled "Our Breakup", telling fans that Jowsey was the one who called it the end of his relationship because "he doesn't Long distance calls. "
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"Harry and I are no longer together," she said. "I was obviously heartbroken."
Farago - who currently lives in Vancouver, Canada - said she tried to "get it going" with Jowsey by visiting him on a business trip to Los Angeles, but "it didn't happen."
Netflix Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago
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"I really thought we were going through a rocky time and we would find out," she continued, explaining that she had plans to move to California permanently to be with Jowsey. "I thought we would end up together. I thought we would get married."
Jowsey previously suggested Farago with a ring pop during a virtual reunion for Too Hot to Handle in May. However, Farrago later told Variety that the marriage proposal "definitely needs to be made personally" and that she is officially "not engaged".
In her video on Tuesday, Farago said that initially she did not want to be the one to announce her separation from Jowsey because she thought they were "on a break" and would later be reconciled. She told viewers that she had decided to end her separation after finding that they had "different attitudes to the situation".
Netflix Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago
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"There are a lot of things that I personally believe I can no longer tolerate for my sanity. I can't fake a relationship. I can't pretend everything is fine," she said, tearing apart. "I decide to publish this video to announce that we are not together and will not come back together because I had to consolidate that in my own brain."
"I can only tolerate so much and I have to keep going. I can only continue by doing this video and telling everyone," she continued.
Although the reality star didn't go into details about their split, she told fans that her feelings for Jowsey were real.
"For me, I would have stayed with that person no matter what," she said, adding that her efforts to fix their relationship were "not returned" by Jowsey. "The love I had for him was very, very, very, very real."
"I don't think anyone can stay in a situation where you are extremely unhappy and not being treated the way you should be treated," added Farago. "There's a lot more to this story."
Joswey later confirmed his split from Farago in a tweet and wrote, "I'll go live on Instagram tomorrow to explain why I broke up with Francesca."
"Thanks for the love and support, nothing bad has happened. Please don't jump to conclusions, I will explain everything in detail tomorrow. Thank you for understanding x," he tweeted.
Harry Jowsey
@ HarryJowsey
I'll go live on Instagram tomorrow to explain why I broke up with Francesca. Thanks for the love and support. Nothing bad happened. Please don't jump to conclusions. I'll explain everything in detail tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding x
10:39 PM - June 16, 2020Los Angeles, CA.
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In April, Farago touched her long-distance relationship with Jowsey and told PEOPLE that it was "the craziest year for both of us."
"We feel much more comfortable with each other, we are much more open and there is just so much more love this time," added Jowsey at the time, noting that while they had their ups and downs on the show, he had me not regretted having taken the relationship off the screen.
"I think the show will set a pretty interesting standard for people in their twenties who are a bit confused or in an interesting part of their lives where they don't know how to get on in relationships like I was." he said. "I didn't know what I wanted or how I should communicate with someone or how I should open myself as much as I did with Francesca. So I think that for everyone our age who wants to start taking things like this seriously, It is definitely a great opportunity and the best thing I've done. "

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