Toyota open-top Supra and Tacoma-based travel trailer take in the outdoors

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At the beginning of 2020, Toyota impressed us with pictures and videos of a Supra that was equipped with a removable roof panel. Finally, the model that was originally supposed to be presented at SEMA 2020 was presented. For enthusiasts who prefer to get off the sidewalk, an overland trailer that started out as a Tacoma cargo box was also unveiled.
Toyota said building the Supra Sport Top was harder than just chopping off the roof. After removing the sheet metal, engineers reinforced large parts of the vehicle structure to maintain rigidity. They filled the gap above the front passenger with a pair of composite panels that can be stowed in the trunk when the sun is shining. Don't call it a T-top, however. There is no T-shaped pole in the middle of the roof.
Some previous generations of the Supra offered removable roof panels. Toyota introduced the sports roof feature for the 1986.5 model year. The Sport Top concept picks up where the fourth generation model left off. It also gets a tire-like rear wing that creates another visual link between the current Supra and its predecessor.
When the sidewalk ends and the city lights are only flickering on the horizon, swap the Supra for something with more ground clearance - and a tow bar to pull Toyota's TRD Sport trailer. Starting with a Tacoma cargo box, the Japanese company built a fully equipped adventure rig with a Yakima tent for four people, a place to store your fly fishing sticks, a refrigerator, a water heater, a toilet, water tanks and a slide from a stove.
To fit all of these devices into the sawn-off back of a Tacoma, the frame had to be lengthened to make room for mounting metal cabinets. Toyota also added a powered scissor lift that lifts the tent a few feet off the ground to allow users to access the cargo box - and presumably to keep them away from bears.
Toyota hasn't announced what's next for either concept. While enthusiasts would no doubt welcome an open Supra like a Christmas dinner, the chances of seeing the model in showrooms in the near future are relatively slim. Convertible sales are declining worldwide and the Sport Top's homologation would likely be extremely expensive. And keep in mind that the BMW Z4, which shares most of its base with the Supra, is only offered as a convertible, so Toyota may be able to leave outdoor driving to the Germans.
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