Toyota twin-turbo V8 patent unearthed

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An unremarkable patent focusing on a small engine part has revealed that Toyota is at least considering a twin-turbo V8. While the filing is most likely just one big company protecting its intellectual property, it could also be a glimmer of hope that Toyota, a famous company that has made some blatant missteps with enthusiasts in recent years, is introducing the ICE -Party with a bang can leave the ages.
The patent for a secondary PCV separator, whose function is to isolate exhaust gas from lubricating oil, was discovered by a member of the GR86 forum. In this case, it is not the engine oil that is to blame, but the turbo charger oil. From a twin turbo V8.
The patent begins with an almost embarrassingly funny stick figure drawing of a car and where the engine would be (front, under the hood, duh). If in doubt, the words "internal combustion engine" are printed on a rectangle.
However, the second picture shows a dual turbo setup in the valley of a V8. It's a prime place to reduce turbo lag and optimize throttle response (and should also require a significant hood bulge).
Interestingly, the forum member now believes this engine will be installed in the next tundra (and presumably Sequoia), but our own research shows the pickup will have a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 under the hood. With all due respect to the GR86 members, we will stand by this claim and keep our fingers crossed that the patent points to something even better.
That would be a high performance Lexus, possibly an IS F, or, if the ICE gods allow it, an LC F. After all, we received reports from Japan that a trio of F cars would be coming, including an LS F. This would explain why the IS 500 with 472 hp and V8 drive was called Sport Performance instead of the full-fledged IS F. In fact, Lexus employees have promised that the F-Label will become even more performance-oriented.
A proper IS F would be a fitting farewell to Toyota's high-performance V8, but the tested, then allegedly canceled, and then revived LC F would be an even more melodic swan song. The flagship grand tourer might very well allow loyalists to forgive the aforementioned gaffes.
The president of Toyota and well-known car type Akio Toyoda has taken the trouble to question the imminent total ban on ICE sales in his native Japan. Perhaps this engine is one of the reasons it objects.
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