Trevor Bauer shouts out White Sox fanbase in MLB free agency video

Why Trevor Bauer Is Impressed With White Sox Fan Memes originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago
The White Sox fan base received a greeting from Trevor Bauer on his YouTube channel on Saturday. Bauer, one of the top free agent awards this off-season, has rated which fan base has best recruited him for their respective teams. Although the White Sox didn't make the top five, they deserved a breakout video.
"I love the appearance of their pitches," said Bauer in the video. “They have some good Photoshop artists there. They have some bad Photoshop artists over there that I'm a sucker for. "
Why didn't you crack the top 5 for Bauer? A lack of consistency. When evaluating each fan base's commitment to the game, Bauer received a rating of 10 possible points across three categories: persistence, volume and creativity.
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“They've been falling off a bit lately. They started out hot but fell off. To me, it's a three in terms of volume, a three in terms of consistency, but a seven in terms of creativity. "
In particular, Bauer appreciated Photoshops of himself and Yasmani Grandal as the lead roles in "Step Brothers", himself and Tim Anderson as superheroes and a particularly rough Photoshop of his head on a goat.
The Yankees, Giants, Padres, Mets, and Angels have been ranked as Bauer's top 5 Memelord recruiting fan bases, in large part due to their volume and persistence. Without these traits coming from the White Sox camp, Bauer questioned their devotion.
"It fell off a bit recently, which makes me wonder if they really want me or not."
Will any of that influence Bauer's decision this off-season? Almost certainly not. But it's definitely fun while we wait for more hot oven action.
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