Trevor Noah laughs at Trump attacking Kamala Harris. The Late Show's Jon Batiste wrote a song about her.

Trevor Noah had a good laugh on Tuesday's Daily Show at a Florida man who stole a bulldozer from an Arby and tore up Joe Biden lawn signs in people's yards, followed by a good-natured talk about how politics are taking over our lives Has. "Meanwhile, President Trump, the head of Florida, is holding coronavirus giveaways across the Midwest - and he's obviously getting tired of attacking Joe Biden because he's now trying to get Kamala Harris," he said. Trump's attacks on the Democratic vice-presidential candidate have been failed, mendacious and a little revealing.
"I love that having a 'socialist' president is Trump's worst nightmare," Noah said. "Because now I can only imagine him waking up in a cold sweat and Melania just saying, 'Oh no, honey, was it the socialist president again?' I'm just kidding, Melania and Trump don't share a bedroom. "He also found it amusing that Trump criticized Harris' laugh or anything else about her. "My husband, you look like you were built by the same company that built the Tower of Pisa," Noah said. "I'm surprised people don't pose in front of you too."
On The Late Show, music director Jon Batiste went the other way and created an entire song about Harris, his MVP, "most vice president."
The Late Show also mocked Jared Kushner's comments on blacks who don't want to succeed. You can see that below.
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