Triller Fight Club says it’s coming after fans who pirated ‘Paul vs. Askren,’ offers second chance to pay

Have you seen an illegal stream of the Jake Paul boxing match against Ben Askren in April? If so, the Triller Fight Club officials will give you one last chance to pay for the card.
Last week, the upstart announced it had filed lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against certain parties involved in the unlawful sale, distribution, and / or display of the April 17, 2021 pay-per - Event known as "Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren". "
"All VPNs must keep and pass on the real IP addresses of every person who stole the battle when it was discovered," Matt St. Claire, head of piracy at Triller, told "We can identify every person, whether VPN or not, as a unique fingerprint is embedded in the content in every stream."
Triller Fight Club officials said that under U.S. copyright law, anyone who pirated the pay-per-view version could be held liable for fines, penalties and damages up to $ 150,000 and that the organization does plans to claim the maximum available compensation in each case.
However, the company is initially offering a pardon to those who unlawfully viewed or reported the event but were not otherwise involved in its illegal sale or distribution by paying an original price of $ 49.99 prior to June 1st Settlement and release for their unlawful acts ”can be paid for at
"We are in this position because it is an outright theft," said St. Claire. "It's no different than going into a store and stealing an off-the-shelf video game."
Brash YouTuber Paul scored a first-round TKO win against former Bellator and ONE champion Askren in the pay-per-view card battle held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
St. Claire said that in addition to individual viewers, Triller will track damage from more than a dozen websites that pirated and re-broadcast the event on their platforms.
"In the case of the offensive sites, it's worse because they'll resell it to a lot of people and illegally take advantage of the work they don't own," said St. Claire.
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