Trisha Goddard reveals her shock at seeing Ant and Dec blackface sketch

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By digital spy
Trisha Goddard has revealed her shock after seeing Ant and Dec's Blackface sketch, which she describes as "undiverse".
In 2003, the Geordie duo had a black face in a Saturday Night Takeaway sketch. The couple has since apologized for pretending to be black.
Speaking to The Mail Online, Trisha said she couldn't believe that the ITV allowed the moderators to continue with the sketch of wearing prostheses and makeup to drastically change their look and skin color.
Photo credit: ITV
"Ant and Dec, I remember when I first saw it and it wasn't that long ago. I was like what? What are you? The fact that you do that," she said. "Do you really think you can make people believe - like it was for a" you were framed "thing - I thought like undiverse."
Expressing her disbelief that the sketch was okay, she said, "All of these programs need an executive producer, a commissioning editor. There are a lot of people who have to go through it. There is nobody anywhere on the line went there ... because nobody was there to do that. "
Photo credit: ITV
Little Britain and Bo 'Selecta are among a number of other shows that have been criticized for their use of Blackface, with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and BritBox being recently removed against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement.
However, Trisha says there is no "general ban" for shows in previous comedy shows, arguing that removing certain series is more of a "knee-jerk" reaction.
"The danger is knee-jerk. A lot of shows that were pulled from television; it's knee-jerk. It wasn't part of Black Lives Matter or anything," she said. "What did Fawlty Towers have to do with anything? I'm sorry, but there was no black face in Fawlty Towers.
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She added: "People keep telling me on social media: 'Well, shouldn't Ali G be pulled?' But Ali G emphasized that at that time there were many whites - if you want to put it politically - that were abusing black culture, and Ali G exposed a lot of racism by getting politicians to talk about weeds and "is it cos" speak I'm black? "He actually highlighted a lot of racism.
"It's very different from putting on a black face with big rubbery lips and a big nose. It's very different than when someone pretends to be ...
"These TV shows all have to be watched and talked about because the way they were made only seems to be a general ban."
For more information on how you can support Black Lives Matter, visit the official website or donate here. Readers can also donate to the British anti-discrimination group Stand Up To Racism and the Unite Families & Friends Campaign, which supports those affected by police, prison and psychiatric deaths.
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