Truckers confront supply chain 'constipation'

The effects of global supply chain problems have hit not only US ports but the country's roads as well.
Gustavo Carrion Valero has been a truck driver for more than 30 years - mostly on duty at New York's JFK Airport - and said he often worked "24/7 due to work pressures" during the holidays.
“So right now I start at four in the morning to finish my shift, sometimes one, two, three in the morning. All day. "
The president of HNR Freight, Michael Triolo, where Carrion Valero works, said truck drivers sometimes wait 20 hours at JFK just to load a shipment.
“Drivers get frustrated, frustrated with airline staff, frustrated with each other in the parking lot. There were disputes back and forth with the lack of a structure to collect the cargo at the airport. "
That's a big problem because trucks carry about 70 percent of all cargo on the ground, says Stephen Flynn, director of the Global Resilience Institute at Northwestern University.
"The people who are there are doing everything they can to bypass a system that is basically completely clogged."
Liz Picarazzi, founder of custom dumpster company Citibin, said her product is part of about 15 different supply chain lines between sourcing raw materials like bamboo and aluminum and shipping.
“So the broadcast we just received was on a very long journey. It was about seven months while it would normally be about 10 to 12 weeks. "
Her husband Frank, the company's COO, said it was impossible to run a (quote) "lean" business because the health crisis was unpredictable.
“A shutdown in a hub in China means delays of months here. So you can't be really agile or nimble anymore, you have to buy inventory, overbuy - when you finally get them you have six months of supplies so you can basically stay in business. "
Although companies like UPS and FedEx pledge to work around the clock to reduce oversupply, supply chain issues are expected to persist through 2022.

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