Trump Administration’s '1776 Report' Justifies Slavery, Three-Fifths Compromise

On the day of Martin Luther King Jr., just two days before the resignation of President Donald Trump, the Trump administration published a report from its "Commission of 1776" which excuses slavery, justifies the three-fifths racist compromise and opposes it Socialism and “identity politics” protested. ”
The "1776 Commission," which Trump formed in September in direct response to the New York Times' 1619 project on America's deep roots in slavery and racial injustice, published a report Monday that provides a "definitive chronicle of America's founding." should. ”
The 45-page report reads like a right-wing manifesto in places: it excuses slavery and the three-fifths compromise, according to which slaves are considered less than full people. She rejects socialism and "identity politics", celebrates the right to bear arms, and calls the anti-abortion movement one of the nation's "great reforms".
In particular, the report defends the country's founding fathers who owned slaves, argues that slavery is not a "unique American evil", and calls for "the institution to be viewed in a much broader perspective".
The report goes on to establish the three-fifths compromise, in which white lawmakers from the northern and southern states agreed to count blacks as three-fifths of a person for congressional representation in 1787, and said it was "just that: compromise." and that "as a matter of practical policy, no permanent union could have been formed without a compromise between states on the question of slavery."
Historian and slave scientist Daina Ramey Berry said the report "advocates teaching a narrow" patriotic "history" of America and aims to "muzzle" those who wish to teach a complete and accurate history of America, including journalists from the 1619- New York Times project. "
"From the perspective of a historian, the report cannot be considered a solid historical work: it seeks to justify slavery and its harmful consequences in order to indoctrinate another generation of American students," said Ramey Berry, chairman of the history department at the University of Texas at Austin, HuffPost said.
"The past four years, underlined in recent weeks, have shown how fragile our embrace of truth can be and the consequences of deliberate disinformation," she added.
The Trump Commission's report says the current political divisions among Americans are "reminiscent of" those "between the Confederate forces and the Union in the Civil War" - a war fought over slavery. The right to bear arms is touted and it is said: "An armed people is a people capable of defending their freedom nothing less than their life, and it is the ultimate, desperate control against the worst of tyranny. "
Earlier this month, Trump instigated an armed crowd of his supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol, where lawmakers voted to confirm the results of the presidential election, which Trump lost and yet repeatedly lied about being fraudulent. A week later, the democratically led House of Representatives indicted Trump for instigating a riot. That made him the only president ever to be charged twice.
Trump's 1776 commission report, which includes several photos of Martin Luther King Jr., criticizes positive action and calls it "preferential treatment." Today's “identity politics” is “the opposite of King's hope that his children would live in a nation where they are not judged by the color of their skin. '”
Just days earlier, Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., shared a clip of the civil rights icon on Twitter in which King impaled America for the liberation of black slaves in 1863 and then gave them no land or resources. while giving away land to white settlers.
"When white Americans tell the Negro to lift himself up by his own boot strap, they are not looking over the legacy of slavery and segregation," says King in the clip. "It's a cruel joke to tell a man without boots to pick himself up by his own boot strap."
The Trump Commission report also speaks out against socialism, which is leading people down a "dangerous path" of redistributing wealth, and names "anti-communism" and "pro-life" - or anti-abortion - as some the "great reforms". the history of the country.
It concludes that universities are "breeding grounds of anti-Americanism, slander and censorship" and warns against any doctrine that "shames Americans by only highlighting the sins of their ancestors and teaching claims of systemic racism". It is also recommended that K-12 schools "reject" any curriculum that compromises "American heritage."
The administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who take office on Wednesday - when Harris becomes the first black, first Asian American, and first female vice president - is unlikely to do anything with the report. The new government has made repeated commitments to "root out systemic racism".
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