Trump Admits He Failed in Biden Campaign’s Deliciously Petty Ad

Have you ever thought you'd hear President Trump admit that he failed to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic? Neither do we, but that didn't stop the Biden campaign from adopting some of the clues from the Trump campaign in creating their latest attack ad.
In response to the Trump campaign ad published last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci, which he believed were taken out of context and used without his permission, the Biden campaign reworked significantly different, out of context, excerpts from Trump's public speeches to make it sound like Trump was saying, "I can do the breakout of the coronavirus, that's why I asked Dr. Fauci used in an ad to say I'm doing a good job. But it's wrong. He never said that. "
“He meant it for the task force, not for me. I'm sorry Dr. Fauci, and everyone else, sorry, ”say Trump's composite clips.
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Last week, the Trump campaign posted a new ad with a clip of Fauci that looked like the nation's leading infectious disease expert praised the president for his handling of the pandemic.
"President Trump is recovering from the corona virus, as is America," said a spokesman for the ad. "Together we faced the challenge, protected our seniors, got them life-saving medication in record time and spared no expense."
Fauci then appears in the ad and says, "I can't imagine anyone could do more."
However, in a statement on Sunday, Fauci said the comments have been attributed and taken out of context without his permission. In fact, the clip itself comes from an interview Fauci did on Fox News in March, where he talked in more detail about the efforts of federal health officials and the White House's coronavirus task force to respond to the pandemic.
Also read: Fauci says the quote in the new Trump ad has been taken out of context without his permission
On Monday, Fauci also said on CNN that the Trump campaign should shut down the ad he described as "disappointing" and "completely out of context".
But the Trump campaign has defended the ad by saying it used Fauci's "own words". "The video is from a nationally broadcast television interview in which Dr. Fauci praised the work of the Trump administration. The spoken words are correct and straight from Dr. Fauci's mouth, ”said Tim Murtaugh, campaign communications director, in a statement.
Check out the Biden campaign ad below:
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