Trump allies Lin Wood and Marjorie Taylor Greene exchange right-wing insults in a public feud

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (L), Attorney Lin Wood (R). Getty Images (L), Associated Press (R)
Former allies Lin Wood and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have publicly attacked each other in an escalating feud.
The bad blood seemed to start when Greene replaced Wood as her attorney in a libel case.
Lin Wood told Insider that he and Greene were no longer "in line" in attempting to overturn the 2020 election results.
Right-wing attorney Lin Wood and Georgia MP Marjorie Taylor Greene have attacked each other publicly amid an escalating feud between former political allies.
Wood and Greene are controversial figures and staunch supporters of former President Donald Trump. Both appear to have expressed their belief in the QAnon conspiracy theory, and both of them spread baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 fraudulent elections.
Still, they have fallen out over the past few months and have fought a war of words on social media.
The feud appears to have started months ago when Marjorie Taylor replaced Greene Wood as her lawyer in a libel case.
"I agree with her decision as I think I was too controversial for Marjorie as I fought for Trump to FIX 2020 and it was NOT," Wood wrote on his Telegram account.
Wood thereafter intensified criticism of Greene, frequently accusing the congressman of failing to do enough to overturn the results of the Georgia 2020 election, calling her a "communist" or "communist".
On September 4, Lin Wood wrote on Telegram that MP Marjorie Taylor Greene was a "communist." Lin Wood / Telegram
He added that Greene's calls to impeach President Joe Biden meant that she had accepted his victory.
Lin Wood told Insider that he and Greene were no longer "in line" in attempting to overturn the 2020 election results.
"I have publicly urged my former client, Rep. Greene, to take action to pressure Georgia officials to investigate and correct the Georgia 2020 elections as the massive evidence of electoral fraud and illegality is publicly available" said Wood.
In response to his Telegram messages, the Georgia Congresswoman took to Twitter and Telegram on Saturday to question Wood's motives and claim that he was not "one of us."
Greene pointed out that Wood was fired from his former client Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenage Trump-supporting gunman who is accused of killing two people during a protest against Black Lives Matter in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Wood previously raised $ 2 million on Rittenhouse's bail and then attempted to withdraw the money after he was fired.
"Only monsters hurt innocent people in their greatest distress," Greene said of the incident.
She then encouraged her followers to donate to a fundraiser for Rittenhouse.
Greene added that the fact that Wood was not targeted by the "J6 Witch Hunt" was referring to the Jan.
In another message to Telegram, Greene questioned Wood's character and suggested that his invocation of Christianity was insincere.
"We do not serve the same God because it is clear that you are serving the Father of Lies," Greene wrote.
On October 9th, Marjorie Taylor Greene posted news about Lin Wood on her Telegram account. Marjorie Taylor Greene / Telegram
Wood then went on his Telegram account to reply to Greene, arguing that he had asked not to return Rittenhouse's bail to him personally, but to the #FightBack Foundation, which raised the money.
He added that he hoped he and Greene "can work out the differences that were publicly aired today".
"Why was this controversy aired publicly? God knows. He planned it," Wood wrote.
“I don't know why Rep. Greene called me a liar. I'm not a liar, ”Wood told Insider.
"I have no idea why she called me a monster. Rep. Greene and I should be on the same line in the battle for 2020. Perhaps her political adviser gave her wrong information and very bad advice on how to respond to my requests should take active steps. " 2020 to be repaired. "
Greene wrote on Telegram that Lin Wood's allegations that she did not support audits in Georgia were "a blatant lie."
On October 12th, Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote a message on the Telegram about Lin Wood. Marjorie Taylor Greene / Telegram
A representative for Marjorie Taylor Greene did not respond to a request for comment.
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