Trump Brother Was in ICU Just Before Filing Suit Over Tell-All

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Robert Trump, Donald's younger brother, spent at least 10 days in intensive care before being released this week and taking legal action to stop his niece's explosive anthology from being published: Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Creates the Most Dangerous Man the world, according to several people who are familiar with the situation.
72-year-old Robert had been in New York's Mount Sinai Hospital Intensive Care Unit for Neuroscience (NSICU) since June 11 and was treated for a serious illness. He was released on Sunday and, despite his stay in the hospital, wasted no time in filing and signing complicated legal documents that were supported by a prominent lawyer, Charles Harder, and that a statement was released.
“Your attempt to sensitize and mis-characterize our family relationship over the years for their own financial gain is both a farce and an injustice to the memory of my late brother Fred and our beloved parents. I and the rest of my family are so proud of my wonderful brother, the President, and find Mary's actions a real shame, ”Robert said in a statement to the New York Times about 48 hours after he was discharged from the hospital.
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On its website, Mount Sinai boasts that its 16-bed NSICU specializes in "cutting-edge, compassionate care for patients suffering from subarachnoid hemorrhage, acute ischemic stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, coma, tumors of the brain and spine or prolonged seizures, neuroinfections and spinal cord injuries among others. "
Robert did not respond to multiple requests for comments on Wednesday, and his lawyer Harder declined to comment.
Mary Trump's top-notch legal team, which includes renowned First Amendment attorney Theodore Boutrous from Gibson Dunn law firm, is expected to submit her response in the coming days.
Part of her argument in Mary's defense will be that the settlement agreement, signed by all parties in 2001 and included in Harder's Temporary Injunction (TRO), contains confidentiality clauses that are practically "double-sided", meaning that this is also muzzle Mary, who did not speak publicly, should have also silenced Donald, Robert and their sister Maryanne Trump.
The president himself violated the confidentiality agreement by publicly discussing his niece and her book, which is currently due to be released on July 28, in an interview in the White House last week.
"She can't write a book. You know, when we settled down with her and her brother, with whom I have a good relationship - she has a brother, Fred, with whom I have a good relationship, but when we settled down , she has signed a total of ... secrecy, "Trump told Friday's Axios website regarding Mary's all-rounder.
A whole host of threats come in the final stages of the dynastic drama and brewery struggle that threatens to consume the Trump family, even though Donald J. Trump continues his struggle this year to prevent the White House from falling into democratic hands .
Even before the President's brother - represented by Harder, one of President Trump's personal lawyers and the lawyer who killed Gawker - filed an order against Mary at the Queens County Surrogate Court this week, Trump had his options for legal retaliation against his own Niece actively weighed. After being surprised by news of the upcoming tell-all, he announced loudly in the White House that she had signed an NDA, the Daily Beast first reported.
White House spokesmen did not respond to a request for comment on this story. A representative from Simon & Schuster declined to comment.
And it's not just Mary who has to deal with Trumpworld's legal threats and court battles. Trump administration lawyers and his external lawyer worked hard this election year - one already plagued by a destroyed American economy, a mass protest movement after the police killed George Floyd, and a coronavirus pandemic at the U.S. Over 100,000 were killed as the president went to war against new books and manuscripts penned by his enemies, including former national security advisor John Bolton and former longtime fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen.
President Trump's lawyers are also trying to maintain other long-standing NDAs. Jessica Denson, a former Hispanic outreach coordinator for the 2016 Trump campaign, has been working through the courts for years to void not only her own Trump NDA, but all NDAs for which the Trump campaign was signed by employees to explain. "All of our employees sign a nondisclosure agreement," Michael Glassner, chief operating officer for Trump's 2020 campaign, told The Daily Beast in a statement last year.
In court records, Denson and her lawyers argue that the agreements that Team Trump had imposed on them were illegal and did not allow employees to make claims for discrimination in the workplace.
"President Trump is clearly NDA-happy," said David Bowles, one of Denson's lawyers, on Wednesday night. “He has used NDAs to suppress his supporters and former supporters, and voiding those NDAs is the point of our current class action lawsuit. Now he's trying to suppress his own family members with an NDA. All of this is intended to suppress the criticism that is at the heart of a vibrant democracy. "
Denson added: "I am not ready to be one of the many Trump has abused or be used as a tool for him to abuse the American people and the presidency, and so I am struggling to invalidate his insidious NDAs close."
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The judge rejects Trump's offer to block the Bolton book
A U.S. judge on Saturday rejected a Trump administration application for an injunction to block the publication of a book by former national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton's memoirs have garnered a lot of attention for portraying President Donald Trump withered and how politics has driven the President's foreign policy. Bolton describes Trump as a request to Chinese President Xi Jinping to ask for help in getting his 2020 reelection offer, and he alleged alleged shortcomings that were not addressed in Trump's impeachment process. The government requested an injunction and injunction against the publication of "The Room Where It Happened: A Reminder of the White House". It contained classified information and threatened national security. In his ruling, District Court judge Royce Lamberth said: "While Bolton's unilateral behavior raises serious concerns about national security, the government has not shown that an injunction is an appropriate means ..." The defendant Bolton has to do with national security from played the United States. He has harmed his country and exposed himself to civil (and possibly criminal) liability. "The judge also said it was too late." With hundreds of thousands of copies around the world - many in newsrooms - the damage has been done. "In a tweet shortly after the decision was published, Trump claimed the verdict was a" BIG COURT WIN "for his reprimand against Bolton. The President added:" Bolton has broken the law and was called and reprimanded for it, at a really high price. He likes to drop bombs on people and kill them. Now bombs will fall on him! "

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