Trump calls Bolton ‘one of the dumbest people in Washington’ after former aide decries talk of martial law

If we are on the verge of a new crisis and focus on Iran, the US will be in a much weaker position than it was before Trump
Donald Trump rekindled a longstanding feud with his former National Security Advisor, tweeted John Bolton as "one of the dumbest people in Washington" after the ex-presidential envoy on television berated him.
"What would Bolton, one of the dumbest people in Washington know?" The president wrote in a tweet posted shortly after midnight on Sunday. "Wasn't he the one who said the stupid 'Libyan solution' on TV when describing what the US would do for North Korea?"
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Mr. Trump added, "I have a lot of other stupid Bolton stories."
The president's late-night tweets came after Mr Bolton appeared on CNN and rejected comments from Michael Flynn, another former national security adviser, whom Mr Trump pardoned after pleading guilty to the FBI over his secret Having lied to work for the Turkish government before joining the White House administration.
Suggested that the president could enact martial law as part of a final effort to overturn the 2020 election results, Flynn said in a recent appearance on Newsmax that Mr. Trump "is taking military capabilities and moving them into states and states." could basically repeat an election in any of these states “if he wanted.
In reality, the president does not appear to have any options left for his undemocratic attempts to reverse his election defeat to President-elect Joe Biden. The electoral college has confirmed Mr Biden's victory, having garnered more votes than any other candidate in the nation's history, handing over a number of key battlefield states to the Democratic Party.
Mr Trump's lawsuits have been largely discredited and exposed by state and federal judges, and there does not appear to be enough support in Congress and the Senate to challenge the vote in any meaningful way. Still, the president has raised over $ 200 million since election day while vowing to stay in power.
He reportedly met with Flynn in the Oval Office on Friday, according to the New York Times, in which the two men discussed the possibility of enacting martial law.
But the president reported to the New York Times and his former adviser by Sunday and wrote in another tweet: “Martial law = fake news. Just knowingly bad reporting! "
Mr Bolton described the comments as "appalling" in an interview with CNN on Saturday, adding, "There's no other way to describe them. It's incredible, almost certainly without any precedent."
"I don't think he ever read the Constitution," said Bolton. "If so, he clearly does not understand. And when he does understand it at some point, he has forgotten."
The two have argued since Mr Bolton left administration in September 2019 and have later written a book about his experience at the White House. The president later filed a lawsuit against his former national security advisor, asking him to stop publishing the book, but it never did.
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