Trump Calls Fox ‘Terrible’ as Latest Poll Shows Him Losing Ground to Biden

President Donald Trump has once again contacted Fox News for a new poll showing that former Vice President Joe Biden's lead over the upcoming elections in November is growing.
“@FoxNews is on the road with another of their false surveys conducted by the same group of haters who made it even worse in 2016. See what happens in November. Fox is terrible! "The President wrote on Friday and despised the network.
In May, the Fox News poll found that Biden had 48% support, which rose to 50% in the June poll. As Biden gained two percentage points, Trumps decreased by the same amount from 40% in May to 38% in June.
Trump has lost to the alleged Democratic presidential candidate in recent weeks, and has even hired his own pollster and asked CNN to apologize for one of his polls.
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CNN responded to Trump's call for re-election last week. The CNN General Counsel called the letter "factually and legally unfounded".
General Counsel David Vigilante said he knew of no other time in the company's 40-year history "when legal action was threatened because an American politician or campaign did not like CNN's poll results."
"As far as we have received legal threats from political leaders in the past, they usually come from countries like Venezuela or other regimes where free and independent media are little or no respected," he continued.
Remarkably, the letter that Trump's self-governing polling station wrote in response to the CNN poll lacked Fox News, although Trump attacked Fox on Twitter on May 22 after a poll by that network showed that he was lagging behind Biden and his consent was also missing subsided.
After tweeting that Fox News "should fire their fake pollster," he wrote at the time: "Why doesn't @FoxNews post the CNBC query or (believe it or not!) @ CNN poll? Hope , Roger A looks down and watches what happened to this once so beautiful creation! ”
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