Trump campaign pushes for cancelled debate to go ahead

US President Donald Trump "ready" for a canceled debate, says the White House (REUTERS)
The White House has asked the US Debate Commission to allow Donald Trump to hold the proposed debate on Joe Biden, even though the President has already rejected a virtual proposal.
In a statement on Sunday, White House deputy communications director Brian Morgenstern urged the commission to reconsider the televised debate, CNN reported.
It comes four days after the Presidential Debate Commission canceled a second in-person event between Mr Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Mr Biden due to take place on Thursday amid concerns about the president's coronavirus diagnosis.
A proposed virtual debate between the two candidates was also canceled after the Trump campaign declined to participate.
On the grounds that Mr. Trump could attend personally, Mr. Morgenstern said on Sunday: "The President is ready to debate and his doctors have approved him for participation in public engagements."
"You said it was no longer a carry-over risk, so it would be nice if the Commission put the debate back on the agenda." These remarks came after a memo from the President's Doctor, Dr. Sean Conely, stated, had "no longer be viewed as a transmission risk to others".
Dr. Conely said the 74-year-old had met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) safety standards for leaving isolation and was no longer seen as a risk of transmission.
However, he declined to say when Mr Trump last returned a negative test for Covid-19.
Mr Trump himself insisted on Sunday that he is now "immune" to the virus in an interview, although such claims are currently unprovable.
Both Republican and Democratic candidates have since scheduled alternative events for Thursday. Trump is expected to hold a personal rally when he returns to the campaign this week.
Meanwhile, Mr Biden is supposed to attend a town hall on ABC.
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