Trump campaign told police to remove peaceful protester arrested outside Tulsa rally

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At the request of Donald Trump's campaign, the police arrested an Oklahoma protester on live TV shortly after praying before the President's rally, despite saying that she had an entry ticket.
Sheila Buck, wearing an "I can't breathe" t-shirt to commemorate the black Americans killed by the police, was accused by Tulsa officials of dragging them away from the city's BOK center on Saturday.
Ms. Buck was put on a police cruiser and, according to the police, was booked as "disabled", although she did not hinder pedestrian traffic or blocked access to the area.
"You arrest me," she said to several intelligence teams after she was arrested from the center. "They handcuff me. I haven't done anything. I have tickets for this thing."
When asked why she was demonstrating, she said, "For that reason."
Earlier on Saturday, she was seen walking quietly next to people waiting to enter the center before kneeling in prayer hours before the president was due to arrive.
On Friday, the President threatened the demonstrators outside his rally: "Any protesters, anarchists, agitators, pillagers, or lowlifes who go to Oklahoma please understand that you will not be treated as you were in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis . " It will be a completely different scene! "
The campaign asked the police to "remove" Ms. Buck, who, according to the Tulsa Police Department, had been booked for disability.
"At 11:30 this morning, the Tulsa police were asked by Trump campaign personnel to remove a person from the rally security area," a police statement said. "The Tulsa police spoke to the detainee, Ms. Buck, for a few minutes to persuade her to leave on her own. After being asked to leave for a few minutes, she continued to refuse to cooperate and became the Area led and booked obstruction. "

"Someone has to do that."

A peaceful protester is arrested on the spot where President Trump's rally will take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday.
7:33 p.m. - June 20, 2020
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The police said Ms. Buck "went through the metal detector area into the safest area of ​​the event that is only accessible to ticket holders. Whether or not she had a ticket to the event is not a factor for the Tulsa police in arresting officers at Locations, especially in the "Sterile" area, should only be removed by the campaign staff. "
It was "in an area that is considered a private event area and the organizer ... can have people removed at its own discretion," the police said.
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