Trump claims his niece Mary 'is not allowed' to write her forthcoming book about him because of NDA

Donald Trump speaks during his campaign event at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma: AP
Donald Trump has claimed that his niece may "not publish" her new book about the president, citing a nondisclosure agreement she signed over 20 years ago after suing him and his siblings.
The president spoke in an interview with Axios published on Sunday about Mary Trump's upcoming book entitled "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Made the Most Dangerous Man in the World".
"You mustn't write a book," Trump said of his niece. "You know, when we settled down with her and her brother, with whom I have a good relationship - she has a brother, Fred, with whom I have a good relationship, but when we settled down, she had a total .. has signed a confidentiality agreement. "
The new book, due to be published in late July, was intended to detail how the president and his siblings reportedly used tax evasion and loopholes to secure $ 413 million from their father's business empire after his death. Ms. Trump was also expected to be a key source in the New York Times' investigation into the president's financial and tax controversies.
Ms. Trump sued the president in 2000 on the grounds that he and his siblings ceased medical care for their nephew after he was born with a rare neurological disorder, despite the fact that her father had provided funds to cover family health insurance in his estate.
She then struck the president in an interview at the time, saying that he and his siblings should have been "ashamed" as she added, "I'm sure they aren't."
Mr Trump claimed that the niece's confidentiality agreement was a "very powerful" one that "covered everything" and would effectively prevent her from publishing the upcoming work.
The president also claimed he and his family members were shocked to find out that Ms. Trump was going to publish a book.
"I have a brother, Robert, a very good guy, and he is - he is very angry about it," he said. "But she signed a nondisclosure agreement and she obviously doesn't keep it when she writes a book. That's a shame."
According to Axios, the book will also show how Mr. Trump allegedly "fired and ridiculed" his father after becoming sick with Alzheimer's. The president rejected these claims and claimed that he "had always had a good relationship with his father".
He added, "It's a shame."
The book was due to be published just before the Republican National Convention. It has already topped the charts on Amazon, where it was available for pre-order orders.
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Trump's niece reveals in a new book how she leaked family tax returns

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