Trump drained 'the swamp' to his own properties in Florida and Washington, The New York Times details

President Trump has said that he never liked his promise to "drain the swamp," but his fans did, so he kept it in his stable with three chants. Elected once. "Trump not only failed to end Washington's insider culture of lobbying and seeking favor," reports the New York Times. "He reinvented it, turning his own hotels and resorts into the Beltway's new back rooms, where public and private business mixes and special interests reign." He built "a system of direct presidential influence unparalleled in modern American politics."
To map Trump's own swamp, located in his Washington, DC hotel, as well as Doral and Mar-a-Lago clubs in Florida, the Times reviewed the tax information received and checked hundreds of social media posts from his customers Property. and interviewed nearly 250 executives, lobbyists and club members.
The Times investigation team uncovered more than 200 companies, overseas governments, and stakeholders who gave money to Trump's property and benefited from its administration, including 60 clients who did business before the government paid $ 12 million in 2017 and 2018 Family company issued The times gave an overview:
The patrons of the properties were diverse: foreign politicians and sugar barons from Florida, a Chinese billionaire and a Serbian prince, enthusiasts for clean energy and their opponents in the oil industry, announced activists and contractors of small governments who were looking for billions from increasingly scarce federal budgets. Mr Trump's administration provided them with funds, laws and land. He handed them over appointments to task forces and ambassadors, victories as difficult as a presidential policy and as short-lived as a presidential tweet. [The New York Times]
White House spokesman Judd Deere told the Times that Trump had given sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr. "the day-to-day responsibilities" and claimed that Trump "kept his promise to the American people every day to fight for them to let go of the swam and always put America first. "
The people who paid to interact with Trump in his homes didn't always get what they wanted, the Times reports, but Trump's deeply indebted family business grew thanks to this "lucrative new source of income: people who wanted something from the president." always paid. "" Read the full information in the New York Times.
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