Trump Drops the F-Bomb on Rush Limbaugh’s Live Radio Show

President Donald Trump dropped the F-bomb during a Friday interview on Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh's live radio show.
"Iran knows this and they have been made aware that if you are with us and do something bad to us, we will do to you things that have never been done before," said the president. "They know if they do something against us they will pay a thousand times the problem. They will have a thousand times the difference because now they know that we have things that we have never had before."
The Expletive was broadcast uncensored in video footage of Limbaugh, who recorded the show in the studio, but a late airing of the show censored the word due to FCC rules on profanity.
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Limbaugh's Friday show was marketed as a MAGA radio rally for Trump, which phoned for two hours. It was the latest sign of the president's attempts to reactivate his re-election campaign since he was hospitalized for treatment last weekend after undergoing COVID-19 treatment. On Thursday morning, Trump gave a phone interview with Maria Bartiromo about Fox Business, followed by an evening call-in interview on Sean Hannity's show. On Friday night, Trump is also expected to appear on camera for Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News.
Check out the following clip:
Trump on Rush Limbaugh: "Iran knows this and they have been made aware that if you are with us, if you do us harm, we will do you things that have never been done before."
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- Dave Brown (@ dave_brown24) October 9, 2020
During Limbaugh's show, Trump also said that Iran "is out to make me lose". Bill Evanina, director of the National Counter-Espionage and Security Center, said in August that US intelligence sources said both China and Iran would try to influence the US election against Trump, while Russian sources made their efforts on behalf of 2016 of the President.
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