Trump Goes Back To Downplaying Coronavirus Risks At First Rally Since His Diagnosis

A maskless President Donald Trump told Americans not to be afraid of the coronavirus, mocked Democratic challenger Joe Biden for being cautious in the campaign, and continued to leak misinformation about a disease that, despite his illness, has more than 214,000 affected People killed in the US were given their own positive diagnosis during a rally in Florida on Monday.
"I feel so powerful," Trump told a large crowd in Sanford, Florida, just hours after his doctor said the president had tested negative for COVID-19 and was no longer considered contagious. "I'm going to go into this audience, I'm going to kiss everyone in this audience. I'm going to kiss the guys and the beautiful women and everyone. I'm just giving you one big kiss."
The statement comes amid the president's efforts to overcome his own coronavirus infection and a dramatic outbreak of the virus in the White House. Sean Conley, the White House doctor, said Monday the president had tested negative for COVID-19 on "consecutive days" using a rapid test, although such tests have a higher chance of false negative results.
Despite these claims, questions about the president's health and the severity of his coronavirus symptoms remain unanswered, and health experts have cast doubts about the claim that Trump is no longer contagious. The guidelines of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that those who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate at least 10 days after symptoms first appeared (although those with severe illness, especially those in hospital and requiring oxygen, may need to be isolated for up to 20 days).
Trump, who largely poked fun at the use of face masks and continued to host major political events throughout the pandemic, used his Monday appearance to attack Biden's efforts to prevent infection during his own campaign, pointing out that the former vice president established social distancing circles to protect the people.
"The other guy comes out there and they work and work and work and 30 people come up and put them in these crazy circles," Trump said. "They only have these circles, because that's the only way they can fill the room."
At an event in Ohio, Biden criticized Trump's efforts to face crowds and said the "President's behavior since his diagnosis has been incomprehensible".
"The longer Donald Trump is president, the more ruthless he seems to be," said Biden.
On Monday, the president addressed this desire to go back to the campaign, saying that as the country's leader he must take risks and appear before his supporters.
"I don't have to be locked in my basement. I wouldn't let that happen anyway," said the President. "You have to get out. And it's risky, but you have to get out. "
"But it makes you feel good when you can hit something."
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