Trump Keeps Promoting Democrats In Races Against Republicans Who Speak Out Against Him

PERRY, Georgia - Former President Donald Trump continued his attacks on Governor Brian Kemp during a Saturday night rally in Georgia for a list of pro-Trump candidates. Trump told the crowd that Stacey Abrams, a Democrat who ran for governor against Kemp in 2018, may have done a better job than the governor and invited her to take his place.
Trump's comments at the rally continue a new trend of backing Democrats over Republicans who didn't parrot conspiratorial theories about the 2020 elections or who voted to indict him after the Jan 6th Capitol Riot.
"Stacey, do you want to take his place?" Trump said on stage at a rally in Perry, Georgia on Saturday. Trump has not recommended a Republican challenger to face Kemp.
It's the latest in the ongoing (and seemingly one-sided) feud between Trump and Governor Brian Kemp. The fear between the two men began in 2019 after Kemp appointed former Senator Kelly Loeffler to fill a Senate seat, but more recently, Trump's anger has focused on Kemp over the 2020 election and Kemp's displeasure, Georgia's Foreign Secretary Brad Pressure Raffensperger to overthrow President Joe Biden's victory in the state and her decision to confirm the election result.
“He did absolutely nothing,” Trump said in a Fox News interview about Kemp last November, “I'm ashamed that I supported him. But I'll see what's going on. It's so terrible."
Almost a year later, Trump continued his campaign to pressure Georgian election officials to overturn the election results. In a letter to Raffensperger last week, Trump urged him to initiate a new investigation into the election and "announce the real winner".
"You and Governor Kemp are doing a great disservice to the great state of Georgia and our nation," wrote Trump. Georgia has conducted multiple election results recounts that confirmed Biden's victory in the state.
Trump has consistently cracked down on Republicans who do not peddle unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and advocated major challengers to stand up against them. Most recently, he admitted that the Democrats should win over certain Republicans with whom he disagrees. During an interview with The Real America's Voice last week, Trump said he would prefer the Democrats to win over Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted for impeachment after the January 6 attack on the Capitol.
"There are some of these candidates in very, I would say, blue areas. I would almost rather win the Democrats, to be honest."
It's a precarious position for Republican candidates who have to strike a balance between attracting Trump supporters and claiming that there was no widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. In Georgia, Kemp signed a voting law that restricted some people, especially in rural areas, from accessing voting rights. The bill even went so far as to shift power away from Raffensperger, the foreign secretary who taped and leaked a phone call from Trump asking him to find enough votes to overturn the election.
But Trump, and some of his supporters at the rally, felt the law didn't go far enough.
"Georgia's electoral reform law is far too weak and soft to guarantee real voting integrity!" Trump wrote in a written statement in April. "It's a shame the much-needed electoral reforms in Georgia didn't go on as their originally approved bill did, but the governor and lieutenant governor refused to do it."
Garland Favorito, who is currently reviewing 147,000 ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, called the new electoral law "the good, the bad, and the ugly," adding that the law contains some "good things" but eschews transparency.
“It's smoke and mirrors,” Bob Drevitson, a Trump supporter who attended the rally, told BuzzFeed News about Georgia’s latest electoral law. "Let's just do something to make us look good."
Drevitson, 65, voted in both the presidential and Senate runoff elections in January but said his vote was "likely stolen".
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