Trump 'misled Fox News' over when he heard about Hope Hicks' Covid-19 result

US President Donald Trump has since returned to a full schedule of campaign events (REUTERS)
Donald Trump appeared to be misleading Fox News about how long he had known about his aide, Hope Hicks, who tested positive for Covid-19, according to U.S. media.
Mr Trump appeared on Fox News on the evening of October 1, hours before he announced his own coronavirus diagnosis, and when asked about Hicks who tested positive for coronavirus, he said he "just" heard about it.
However, a Washington Post report claims that Hicks received her positive test result that morning and immediately informed the president.
However, even after hearing of her diagnosis, Mr Trump reportedly continued his activities for the day, including participating in a no-mask fundraiser at his New Jersey club.
Mr Trump had already received a positive result from a rapid test when he appeared on Fox News according to various news reports, but was still waiting for a more reliable test.
Just before the president appeared on Fox News, Bloomberg News tweeted at 8:09 p.m. about Hick's positive tests. Until then, neither the White House nor Hicks had made a public statement.
“So she tested positive. I just heard about it, ”Mr Trump told the news network when asked about Hicks. “She tested positive. She's a hard worker, lots of masks. She wears a lot of masks, but she tested positive and I just took a test because we're spending a lot of time and the first lady just did one test. "
Mr Trump's interview and subsequent diagnosis led to the assumption that Hicks was patient zero in the White House, which, according to the Washington Post sources, caused great frustration.
It was later found that Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel had tested positive on September 30, the day before Hicks was diagnosed. McDaniel had seen Mr Trump on September 25 during the event in the Rose Garden that announced Amy Coney Barrett as a candidate for the Supreme Court. The event has since been promoted by Dr. Anthony Fauci described as a "superspreader event".

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