Trump news: Biden warns millions may lose jobless benefits as president continues to block relief bill

US President Donald Trump (REUTERS)
Donald Trump has continued to oppose a major economic package that includes coronavirus relief of $ 900 billion, unless the law is changed to include $ 2,000 in direct payments of $ 600.
If he doesn't sign the bill, millions of people will see the end of government aid to coronavirus, including extended unemployment insurance, which expired on December 26th. A federal eviction moratorium expires on New Year's Day.
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The president also seemed to support the idea that lawmakers are trying to reverse the results of the January 6th presidential election in Congress, when he once reinforced unsubstantiated allegations by the day after Christmas in a series of posts he posted on Twitter Election fraud was spent at his Mar-a-Lago residence.
A joint session of House and Senate lawmakers will meet on January 6 to count the votes that gave Joe Biden a 306-232 victory. There is no way for the president to intervene.
On Saturday morning, Mr Trump tweeted, “The Department of Justice and the FBI, despite overwhelming evidence, did nothing to tackle electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the largest fraud in our country's history. You should be ashamed of yourself. History will remember. Never give up. See you all in DC on January 6th. "
Hours later, he published a series of complaints and conspiracies related to election fraud while cracking down on the FBI, Justice Department, media and social media platforms.
The president urged Republican senators “to fight for the presidency as the Democrats would if they did win. The evidence is irrefutable! "
More than 6,000 Americans died of Covid-19-related illness from Christmas Eve through Saturday, bringing the country's death toll to more than 330,000 - or one in 1,000 people in the United States.
On Saturday, the president said lockups in "Democrat-led states are utterly ruining the lives of so many people" while claims Florida is doing "fine" - more than 1.25 million cases have been confirmed in the state and are more than 21,000 people More than 5,600 people in the state died on Saturday.
Trump appears to support the plan to reverse the election results in Congress
Despite smooth elections, the GOP leaders are aiming for voting restrictions
Unemployment benefits will expire for millions of Americans
Trump Golf in Florida as Covid Relief hangs in the balance
Trump addresses Covid in the Christmas video before the Twitter elections take place
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Unemployment benefits will expire for millions of Americans
One in 1,000 Americans has died of Covid-19
Trump claims coronavirus-hit Florida "is doing well" when falls cross 1.25 m
Trump seems to support the plan to overturn the election result in Congress
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