Trump news – live: President uses racial slur to condemn renaming of military bases while threatening to ‘take back’ Seattle

Donald Trump called Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" when he condemned her involvement in attempting to pass an amendment to rename the military bases originally named after Confederate generals.
The nickname, which he often uses for the Massachusetts Senator, has been described by critics as a dividing line. The choice of Mr. Trump's wording is made as there is growing talk across the country about systematic racism and racist rhetoric.
In other tweets, the president attacked the protests currently taking place in Seattle, threatening to "recapture" the city if officials did not. A number of blocks in the city have been taken over by Black Lives Matter protesters and referred to as the "Autonomous Zone of Capitol Hill".
Given that the United States currently has 2 million cases of Covid-19 infections and 115,000 deaths, but is driving the gradual reopening, the President has announced his intention to resume his rallies next week. The first location for its campaign events will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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