Trump on coronavirus testing: ‘If we stopped testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any’

On Monday, President Trump spoke at the White House about testing for coronavirus in the US and said, "If we stopped testing now, we would have very few, if any, cases."
Video transcript
DONALD TRUMP: Here, too, our tests are so advanced. It is so much bigger and better than any other country that we will have more cases. We will have more and more cases. And as I said, this morning probably the disadvantage of good testing is that you'll find many cases that other countries that don't even test don't have. If you don't test, you have no cases.
If we stop testing now, we would have very few, if any, cases, but we do. We are at a level that Mike will talk about that is so high, but we will show more cases when other countries have far more cases than we do. They just don't talk about it, but on the other hand the tests are very good. Because we find out where it is going, how it goes, who it is and we take care of it.

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