Trump pushed back when Lindsey Graham asked him to 'repair the damage' with Pence after January 6 riot: book

Then Vice President Mike Pence and then President Donald Trump in the rose garden on March 29, 2020. Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images
Lindsey Graham told Trump that he had to use pence to "repair the damage," a new book says.
The senator told Trump that the former president's attacks on Pence were "unfair".
Ahead of mid-2022, Graham told Trump he could give the GOP incumbents a boost.
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After President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial in February and his subsequent acquittal for "inciting insurrection" for his role in the January 6th Capitol riot, Senator Lindsey Graham spoke to Trump about the future.
The South Carolina Republican, who became a close confidante of Trump during his presidency, wanted him to empower Republicans running for re-election in 2022, but the former president was still fixated on GOP lawmakers like Rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming who voted to indict him.
However, when Graham tried to steer Trump in the direction of providing political aid to conservative lawmakers, he also told the president that according to a new book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert, he needed to solve any remaining problems with Vice President Mike Pence Costa, from which Insider received an early copy.
Pence, Trump's loyal number 2 for four years, had drawn Trump's anger for confirming the results of the 2020 presidential election, which confirmed the victory of current President Joe Biden with a 306 to 232 electoral college.
Graham's appeals to Trump regarding pence were coldly received, which Woodward and Costa detailed in Peril.
"Mr President, in order for us to be successful in 2022, we have to put our best team in the field," said Graham during a phone call, according to the book. On the call, Graham spoke of GOP officials, including Sens. John Boozman of Arkansas and John Hoeven of North Dakota, who could benefit from a "Trump boom".
"The sooner you can come out and support them, the better," said Graham before addressing the pence dilemma.
While Trump elected Pence as his vice president in 2016, with the strength of the former Indiana governor as a strong selling point, Trump alone had the party firmly under control.
Trump demanded loyalty - and Graham knew that Pence's wish for the former president to overturn the 2020 election results was still on his mind - especially as the former president continued to insist on having his election stolen for no reason.
"The most important thing you have to do is repair the damage with Mike Pence," said Graham, according to the book. "I think there is a common belief that Mike Pence was incredibly loyal to you and that you treated him badly."
The former president reportedly replied, "No way."
Graham continued, “You lost the election you thought you won. I understand that. But you asked Mike Pence more than he could deliver and you said things about him that were unfair. And I think the best thing for you, Mr President, is to fix this if you can. "
The characteristically animated Trump is said to have remained silent at the Senator's suggestion.
According to CNN, Pence reportedly had "no ill will" towards the former president over the deadly January 6 riot. Trying to confirm the election, the former vice president was moved to a safe location within the Capitol complex when insurgents entered the main building.
Marc Short, who served as Pence's chief of staff, said earlier this year that Pence and Trump had left the White House "amicably".
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