Trump Rally Gives Fox News Highest-Rated Non-Entertainment Telecast in Primetime for the Week

Fox News recorded President Donald Trump's Saturday rally live when CNN and MSNBC didn't, securing the conservative network's top-rated non-entertainment show in the week's prime time.
During rally reporting from 8 p.m. in the ET hour, Fox News reached an average of 7,661,000,000 viewers, of which 1,536,000 were in the advertiser's age range of 25 to 54 years.
According to weekly Nielsen reviews, Fox News was also the most viewed network in the entire cable for the 24th consecutive week on full day and the 22nd week in prime time.
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The overall appetite for news was high this week: from June 15 to 21, all three major cable news networks took the top spots in the five most important cable channels, both during the day and during prime time.
Fox News took first place with an average of 3,798,000 average prime time viewers per week and 1,766,000 average total day viewers. With an average of 2,022,000 viewers in prime time and 1,205,000 viewers per day, MSNBC took second place in the total number of viewers. CNN was in third place with 1,665,000 average prime time viewers and 1,068,000 average viewers throughout the day. HGTV ranked fourth in both cases, while TLC had the fifth highest primetime numbers and Hallmark Channel had the fifth highest daily average.
Fox News still ranked first among advertiser-aged ages of 25 to 54 in both prime time and full day, but CNN took second place after MSNBCs third. The main demo average of Fox News was 694,000 in prime time and 324,000 for the entire day. CNN had an average of 444,000 viewers between 25 and 54 during the week's prime time, and an average of 279,000 viewers throughout the day. MSNBC's demo for the week's prime time was 287,000. For the entire day, MSNBC brought in an average of 279,000 demo viewers.
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