Trump Refuses Remote Debates, Insults American Families

In the early hours of Thursday, October 8, the Presidential Debate Commission announced that the next presidential debate, due to take place on Thursday, October 15, would be held with the presidential candidates in two separate remote elections. Many American parents stuck at home at Zoom meetings and working from the kitchen table can relate to the change in plans. The second debate, which should actually take place in the “town hall” format and in which candidates answer questions from an audience, is now conducted virtually with the candidates - that is, if Trump changes his mind and approves the new format.
Shortly after it became known that the commission had decided to switch the debate from in-person to virtual and remote, Trump went on his favorite news network, Fox News, and said he would not participate in the debate. "I'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate, that's not what the debate is about," Trump told Maria Bartiromo, a Fox Business presenter. “You sit behind a computer and have a debate. It's ridiculous, ”he said.
Such a statement is an insult to the millions of American families who have been forced to do so - and yet another sign that Trump is not taking his COVID-19 diagnosis as seriously as he should. Eventually, the format was changed in part due to the COVID-19 outbreak that hit the White House after the Republican Party held a nomination ceremony for potential Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who broke the rules of social distancing and even herself gathered without a mask. This event resulted in dozens of cases of COVID-19, including the President and First Lady, Melania Trump, and resulted in Mr Trump being briefly hospitalized.
However, instead of staying in the hospital, Trump let his secret service take the risk of getting sick by driving him through the hospital and then being released from the hospital to go to the White House, where he comes in regular contact with staff who is could get sick too. Some people who work in detention in the White House have also contracted the disease.
Add this to the fact that Trump wants to go back to work in the Oval Office and his staff want to come in and speak to him in person in hazmat suits. It looks like nobody in the White House is going to stop him. And it also looks like Trump has no concern for the safety of the people around him - not the people who work for him, not his employees, not other candidates.
Plus, it's not even the first time that a debate has been held remotely. The first televised debate was held in two different locations with presidential candidate Nixon and future president John F. Kennedy. It's certainly not impossible, it's the safest option for a president who could still be contagious with COVID-19, and it reflects the real-world experience of most working parents. Many working parents had to be on Zoom for ninety minutes, often several times a week. Why shouldn't the president have to do the same?
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Trump Insults Millions of American Families Who Work Remotely by Opposing Virtual Debate, first appeared on Fatherly.

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