Trump reportedly wanted to rip open his button-down to reveal a Superman T-shirt to surprise people when he left the hospital

President Donald Trump. REUTERS
President Donald Trump came up with the idea to surprise observers by ripping open his button-down shirt and revealing a Superman t-shirt underneath, according to a report in the New York Times.
Trump made several calls during his stint at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last week suggesting the idea of ​​appearing physically weak to observers first.
On leaving the hospital, he ripped open a buttoned shirt to reveal a shirt with the Superman logo, The Times reported.
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President Donald Trump, who contracted the coronavirus earlier this month, came up with the idea of ​​surprising observers by ripping open his button-down shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt underneath. This emerges from a report published in the New York Times on Saturday.
Trump made several phone calls during his stint at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the past week suggesting the idea of ​​appearing physically weak to observers at first, people familiar with the matter reportedly said. On leaving the hospital, he tore his shirt open to reveal a shirt with the famous Superman logo, according to The Times.
Trump announced that he was diagnosed with coronavirus on Friday, October 2. The next evening, he was transported to Walter Reed and began taking remdesivir, an antiviral drug. He also received an experimental antibody cocktail from drug manufacturer Regeneron and was later put on the steroid dexamethasone.
During Trump's three-day hospital stay, conflicting statements about his prognosis surfaced. Unnamed Trump advisors and other staff members described him as "very tired, very tired, and having difficulty breathing", according to CNN. Others have claimed the rumors are exaggerated.
Uncertainty about Trump's condition was heightened after White House Doctor Sean Conley set different schedules for infecting the president. Conley initially claimed that Trump's condition improved after a 72-hour diagnosis, which meant he would have been diagnosed on Wednesday, September 30th. He later released a statement saying he "wrongly" specified the schedule.
At the time, Conley was also evading a number of key questions related to Trump's diagnosis, including whether the president was getting supplemental oxygen.
On Sunday, Trump briefly left the hospital and drove around in the president's SUV, waving to supporters. His trip has been widely criticized for allegedly compromising people in confined spaces, including US intelligence agents, for a photo op.
He left the hospital on Monday. Since then, he has been reported to appear at several rallies ahead of the November 3rd election.
"Don't let yourself be dominated," said Trump in a recorded video. "Don't be afraid of it. You will hit it."
As of October, over 210,000 people had died from the coronavirus in the United States.
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