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I said many months ago that all the Republican Senators and House Representatives who voted not to confirm the 2020 election and tried to swap eligible voters for fake ones should hire good defense attorneys. We all know that voting no is not illegal. If you vote no and try to stop an official US government proceeding based on a lie that has lost every court hearing (60+) due to lack of evidence, that's illegal: your intent.
Now for those lawmakers: Meet Jack Smith, the Department of Justice's special counsel. He's likely to sue everyone involved, including many of you. He wasn't appointed just because of Donald Trump. He was appointed because many of those elected officials are still in office. The conspiracy, co-conspirators and planners were found. Now we can see how Trump throws you all under the bus because he thinks it will save him. But it won't.
I have to say you deserve it. Thank God for the constitution and the rule of law. I also thank all ethical and trustworthy government officials, elected and unelected Republicans, Democrats and independents who helped save America from dictatorship.
- Bill Moran, Platte City
money over public

A recent star op-ed sparked alarm over billionaire Peter Theil's spending on Senate races, which led to Josh Hawley and J.D. Vance won seats for Missouri and Ohio. (November 20, 20A, “Don't let the billionaires run our government”) She condemned the influence of big money in public elections.
Curiously, however, it didn't mention (former) billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried's massive spending, mostly on behalf of Democratic candidates including President Joe Biden, let alone other billionaires' spending on Democrats.
I do not disagree: Big money in politics is not ideal. However, if the complaint relates only to spending to support one party, it smacks of another complaint about the results rather than the spending itself.
The question arises: how much longer will our public discourse be obsessed with “team”-based (as in red vs. blue) politics? It doesn't seem to do us (the American public, the only team I want to be on) any good.
-Charlie Hutchison, Kansas City
speak it out

It was no surprise that both Kansas Senators voted against the Respect for Marriage Act. (November 18, 1A, "Blunt supports same-sex marriage bill; Hawley opposes") Sen. Jerry Moran's response, however, is somewhat vague.
He wanted "more protection for religious freedoms before I will back the legislation." Since Congress has already passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, it would be nice for Moran to explain exactly what safeguards he thinks are missing, rather than being vague about what seems to be his normal response.
- Susan Tozier, Olathe
Get a team first
It speaks volumes that Royals CEO John Sherman, in his rather lengthy letter about a new downtown ballpark, fails to provide specifics on what renovations would be needed at Kauffman Stadium. It is also notable that he writes of the "required renovations at The K" which are not necessary for the maintenance and safety of the structure itself, but "to achieve our goals", whatever they may be.
I can't help but think that it's basically about making money for the owners at the taxpayer's expense. If only Mr. Sherman had as much motivation to improve the Royals as a team as he has for a downtown stadium. A losing team is still a losing team no matter what stadium they play in.
-John A. Christiansen, Kansas City
Missed opportunity?
Why didn't Kansas City join the 2012 Missouri Proposal A, which secured St. Louis the ability to run its own police department? I don't recall a public vote or public forums debating this matter.
- Rhonda Holman, Kansas City

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