Trump's chosen candidate loses key primary to 24-year-old insurgent

Donald Trump speaks at his last personal rally before the corona virus was blocked from a crowd in Charlotte, NC: Reuters
Donald Trump has long boasted of his perfect support and supports the winner in every race he wants to weigh.
However, this winning streak came to a halt on Tuesday when a candidate he had fully supported was knocked down by a 24-year-old political novice.
The Republican runoff election for North Carolina's 11th congressional district was triggered in March when Trump selected his representative Mark Meadows as his chief of staff.
Mr. Meadows and Mr. Trump supported Lynda Bennett, a local real estate agent, in their campaign for the solid Republican seat, with the President tweeting his support twice and even recording a robocall for her.
However, their candidacy was poorly received by local Republicans. As Politico reports, it later turned out that Ms. Bennet was a friend of Mr. Meadows 'wife and that her campaign website was registered by Mr. Meadows' brother. She also seemed to have warned in advance that Mr. Meadows would step down, which would allow her to submit her papers if most of the other potential candidates did not have enough time.
In the end, she lost the Republican runoff election on Tuesday to Madison Cawthorn, who is both well known and popular in the region. He is partially paralyzed in a catastrophic car accident at the age of 18 and has a compelling personal story about recovery and determination to run the race.
"I'm not committed to DC insiders, their Super PACs, or a caucus chair," said Cawthorn in one of his ads to the camera. "I won't be under a thumb."
But Mr. Crawthorn didn't mention Mr. Trump by name. And although he may have thwarted the president's election for the seat, he appears as a solid conservative rather than an ideological renegade.
His campaign ads have the slogan "Faith, Family, Freedom". In an interview with the right-wing Washington Examiner in May, he named his top priorities as securing the second change, introducing more competition in the health insurance market and tackling the growing enthusiasm for socialism among young people, which he says is being driven by "all these lies that sound good ”, deceived.
While Mr. Cawthorn is currently below the minimum age of 25 required by members of the House of Representatives, his birthday falls in August, which means that he is old enough to take his place if he is sworn in in January.

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