Trump’s complaints about foreign spending directed at budget he requested and GOP supported

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Millions of people will lose unemployment benefits and one-time direct payments of $ 600 without Donald Trump's signature on December 26 after his last-minute threat to reject a federal spending bill that includes a $ 900 billion coronavirus bailout package after he had argued that Congress had prioritized foreign aid through major checks to Americans.
However, the president has linked the bailout package to the larger omnibus spending bill, which has the same budget that the president proposed and that the budget committee in the GOP-controlled Senate endorsed months ago.
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On Monday, 128 of the House's 195 Republicans voted in support of the budget.
The foreign aid in the bill does not come from coronavirus relief, but from a larger government spending package that the administration has negotiated.
On Wednesday, before leaving the Florida White House for Christmas, the president called the legislation a "disgrace" and called on Congress to "immediately remove the wasteful and unnecessary items from the bill".
"Send me a suitable bill, otherwise the next government will have to deliver an aid package from Covid, and maybe it's me, we will take care of it," he said of the White House.
After months of fighting over larger direct payments, the Democrats used the president's calls for $ 2,000 in direct payments to bring Republicans back to the table, but Republicans turned down the proposal Thursday, opposing the president.
"If the president is serious about direct payments of $ 2,000, he must urge Republicans in the House to end their disability," Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Thursday.
She added: "The House and Senate Democrats have repeatedly fought for larger checks for the American people that House and Senate Republicans have repeatedly refused - first during our negotiations when they said they were approved by this act Wouldn't go over $ 600 and now calluses on the floor. "
Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy accused the Democrats of "suffering selective hearing" and of ignoring the president's call to "re-examine taxpayers' money overseas while so many Americans struggle at home".
But Congressman McCarthy and the administration backed those budget requests.
California Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell replied, “Is this a joke? YOU voted for it three days ago. And Trump has sent "foreign aid" into his budget. You don't deceive anyone and you hurt everyone. "
“For your information, Trump requested foreign aid in his own budget proposal for 2021. Don't lie to the people, ”said Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota.
"Sending checks worth $ 2,000 was possible in a pro forma session. Now we're on hiatus until Monday and can't go on," she said. "Remember, people suffer while you are comfortably enjoying your Christmas party."
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