Trump's helicopter 'walk of shame' widely mocked online following Tulsa rally

On the way back, President Donald Trump was caught on camera and looked "drained" from his disappointing first campaign rally in three months since the Corona virus broke out on Saturday, and the Internet noticed this.
The rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma was disappointing. Just over 6,000 people attended the event in the BOK arena with a capacity of 19,000.
More than two-thirds of the stadium was left empty, and an outdoor overflow area, set up in anticipation of the large crowd outside, was closed when it was clear that it would not be filled.
Mr Trump had previously claimed that nearly a million people had requested tickets to the rally, which had been a controversial subject after it was originally planned to take place on June 19.
While some speculated that the corona virus might have kept people away, another theory claimed that an alliance of young TikTok users and K-Pop fans had registered hundreds of thousands of tickets for the rally with no intention of participating.
Mr. Trump was seen on his return to Washington when he exited Marine One after the rally with an open white shirt, tie and Make America Great Again hat hanging on his hand.
Social media users quickly got used to the president's footage and made fun of his seemingly disappointed demeanor.
Many indicated that they thought the president looked "defeated" and "defeated".
Other users added sad soundtracks to the footage and turned the moment into a meme after calling it the President's "Walk of Shame".
A user gave the footage the Foreigners soundtrack "I want to know what love is" and won over 6000 likes and 2100 retweets. Another used the track "Hallo Dunkelheit, mein alten Freund" by Simon & Garfunkel.
"I can't stop watching this. This is the biggest video ever. It's like a child who had a birthday party and nobody showed up," said one user about the meme.
"Go to work like Monday morning," one user posted next to a screenshot of Mr. Trump getting off the plane.
Jules Morgan
June 21, 2020
Reply to @ProjectLincoln
The look of a man who knows that this is the beginning of the end of his failed presidency.
Simply vent
@ JustVent6
I fixed it !! I'm Trump After my disappointing rally, I'm going home! Cover, foreigner - "I want to know what love is" (SOUND UP)
4:17 p.m. - June 21, 2020
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2,680 people talk about it
Other users took the footage seriously and said that the president didn't always look that worried.
"Think about it: Trump looks worse after a badly attended rally than he saw at any point during this pandemic or economic crisis. He doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about you, #MAGA. He does just not, ”tweeted a user.
The president was reportedly "angry" after the disappointing turnout, and the campaign claimed 12,000 people attended the event.
The team also said civil rights activists blocked viewers' entrances ahead of the rally.
The Associated Press insisted on a review of the allegation that the protesters' blockades were not responsible for the turnout and that the demonstrators were not blocking the entry points.
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