Trump's Surgeon General on popular anti-vax argument: 'Freedom argument is bunk'

Dr. Jerome Adams, the former surgeon general under President Trump, appeared on Cuomo prime time Thursday, tearing apart a popular argument among many unvaccinated Americans. As the Delta variant spreads and COVID-19 cases rise again, mask requirements increase, and some companies require their employees to be vaccinated, many in the unvaccinated community say that it is a matter of personal freedom to be vaccinated become. But Adams doesn't see it that way.
“We have to help people understand that this argument about freedom is nonsense. I mean, at the end of the day we lose freedoms because people aren't vaccinated, "said Adams, adding," The consequences, like I said last week, are more mitigation. And as I tell you this week, I predict closings in the future because we won't master this variant again until we have spread enough that it will lead to closings again. "
Hospitals in many areas of the country are returning to pandemic guidelines due to the influx of COVID patients, most of whom are unvaccinated, and the new school year is still weeks away as COVID protocols are rolled out. While we are not yet at the level of closings or chaos experienced in 2020, the trendline is troubling and Adams blames the unvaccinated and repeats that they are robbing others of their liberties.
“I don't want my children to have to go through another year of virtual school. I don't want our hospitals to be congested and closed to elective surgery like we saw last year, ”said Adams. "Our freedoms are being attacked because we have way too many unvaccinated people."
With the unvaccinated responsible for the vast majority of new COVID cases, hospital admissions and deaths, but millions still reject the vaccine, Adams believes we have a long battle ahead of us.
"The truth is that the American people need to know that we will be living with COVID for a while," said Adams, "and we can live with it, but we must all pull together and use the tools that God has." has given us the miracles that God has given us to overcome this terrible pandemic. "
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Watch Chris Cuomo get involved with a restaurant owner who "banned" vaccinated customers: "You sound like an idiot":
Chris Cuomo tells the restaurant owner who "banned" vaccinated customers from "sounding like an idiot".
At Cuomo Prime Time Wednesday, Chris Cuomo invited restaurant owner Tony Roman in Huntington Beach, California for an interview that quickly got out of hand. Roman recently made headlines when he posted a sign in the window of his restaurant, Basilico's Pasta e Vino, saying that only unvaccinated customers would be served. The sign also read, "We have no tolerance for treasonable, anti-American stupidity." Roman explained in his own way that the sign is to keep away those who get upset about it. “As I tell people when they ask me when they are so blinded by their anger and hatred,” said Roman, “I tell them: 'You know what, if you don't understand, maybe we should ... Put up a sign saying you are too stupid to come into the restaurant. “I mean, it's very simple.” The interview was sometimes painfully awkward and sometimes controversial as Cuomo and Roman compared vaccination status, Roman right-wing extremists Listed talking points on COVID-19 restrictions and even brought up Cuomo's brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Then the interview came to its inevitable end. “You are for freedom, but people cannot wear masks. Tony, it doesn't make sense. It really isn't, ”said Cuomo. “I gave you the chance to bring the case forward. I wish you all the best. I hope your family stays safe. ”“ I made my case, ”replied Roman. “You didn't have much to say. You didn't have much to say. "" I mean, to be honest, you sound like an idiot, "replied Cuomo," so there isn't much to say. Tony, good luck with that. Bye. " "And you too," replied Roman. "Yeah, just because you're on the show," Cuomo said as Roman disappeared from the screen.
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