Trump’s Tweet With Fake ‘Racist Baby’ CNN Clip Flagged by Twitter as Manipulated Media

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Donald Trump tweeted a video of fake CNN chyrons - which was never broadcast on the news network - and then bizarrely claimed that the fake clip was evidence of "fake news".
In Trump's tweet of June 18, the video shows two little boys, one black and one white. It has been edited to incorrectly look like it ran on CNN with the "Terrified Todler Runs From Racist Baby" and "Racist Baby probably a Trump Voter" chyrons.
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Then Twitter applied a "rigged media" warning to Trump's post, the first instance of the social network to attach to one of his tweets that day. The company's note on the fake video says, “In September 2019, CNN reported a viral video about a friendship between two toddlers. On Thursday, the president shared a version of the video that many journalists confirmed was edited and treated with a fake CNN chyron. "
Less than 12 hours after Trump shared the video, it was viewed almost 14 million times. “America is not the problem. Are fake news, ”says the video. "If you see anything, let me know. Only you can prevent fake messages. Garbage container fires."
The US President's fake video was created by Pro Trump meme outfit Carpe Donktum. The creator of the clip may have been targeting satire rather than explicitly trying to spread disinformation, but many of Trump's followers have not noticed that the video was incorrectly changed.
CNN's original story about the pair of 2-year-olds in New York on September 10, 2019 was, "These two toddlers show us what real besties look like." The feature is based on a viral video shared on Facebook by one of the children's fathers.
Trump has also posted the fake CNN chyron video on Facebook, where it is currently available without disclaimer and has been viewed more than 3 million times.
In response to Trump's fake video, comedian Sarah Cooper, who has become hugely popular for her videos in which she synchronizes with Trump's strange and often untrue statements, replied: "I think she complains about fake news while she fakes news about fake news shares 4D chess the next level everyone is talking about. "
Last March, Twitter attached the Manipulated Media label to a tweet posted by Trump's social media director and retweeted by the President, which included a video by Joe Biden that was deceptively cut to give the impression that it had Biden Trump's re-approved election was inevitable.
Twitter has been checking Trump more actively in the past few weeks. Last month, Twitter added fact-checking labels to its inaccurate tweets about mail-in polls - the first time such a move was taken. In response, Trump issued an executive order on May 28 to remove statutory liability shields that social networks have under US law if they "censor" speeches. The president was sued for an order by a technology policy group that said it was unconstitutional. Twitter also posted a warning sign that hid Trump's post on using violence against demonstrators in Minneapolis, which included the phrase, "When the looting begins, the shots begin." Twitter considered this to be a violation of its rules that glorify violence.
Regardless, Facebook removed dozens of Trump 2020 campaign ads with Nazi symbols from service on Thursday. Facebook said those who violated "organized hate" policies violated its policies. The inverted red triangle in Trump ads was a Nazi symbol that denoted political prisoners in WWII concentration camps.
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