Trump’s Twitter Attack On Gretchen Whitmer Is Just Fanning The White Supremacist Flames

It is now clear that there is no political area where President Donald Trump shines as well as he does when attacking democratic leaders and building white supremacist groups. On Thursday evening, Trump managed to do both. In a series of tweets, the president criticized Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer after news that federal agencies foiled a right-wing plan to kidnap her and overthrow several state governments that they believe are against the constitution.
“Michigan Governor Whitmer did a terrible job. She has closed her state to everyone except her husband's boating activities, "Trump began on his Twitter rant, before acknowledging the work that went into the plans to kidnap Whitmer. "Instead of thanking me, she calls me a white supremacist - while Biden and Democrats refuse to condemn antifas, anarchists, looters and mobs who burn down Democratic-run cities." Democratic candidate Joe Biden has condemned anarchists and "looting" and has more in common with Trump when it comes to persecuting anarchists than the president will ever admit.
Even so, the president ended his ranting with another call to Whitmer to reopen Michigan with a focus on schools and churches. He later expressed his continued support for Second Amendment activists in Virginia, which was basically a continuation of his call for "liberation" of both states, where armed protests against the lockdown took place earlier this year.
Trump's tweets came in response to Whitmer's previous comments on CNN's Out Front with Erin Burnett. “You know, the fact that after a plot to kidnap and kill me, they come out with it. They're starting to attack me, "said Governor Whitmer, citing the Trump campaign's remarks that Whitmer" wakes up with such hatred in her heart every day. "
"It tells you everything you need to know" about both presidential candidates, Whitmer went on, after noting that Biden had contacted earlier in the day to make sure she was okay.
The president's refusal to support Whitmer, instead of asking her to reopen her state, only intensifies the fire with Trump's repeated empowerment of white supremacist groups, which have become much bolder in their activities in the weeks leading up to the elections. It should come as no surprise, then, that the extremist group Whitmer tried to kidnap - they called themselves the Wolverine Watchmen - said they were motivated by the president and the upcoming election to take action.
Trump could claim that he is not a white supremacist or that he is not an advocate of white nationalist groups, but the far-right groups that hear his call for "readiness" are acting on his behalf. And Trump continues to light the flames.
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