Trump says he stopped medication for coronavirus

"At the moment I'm drug-free. I don't take any medication, you know, probably eight hours ago," Trump said in an interview.
He added that he had been retested for the virus but did not disclose the result.
Trump, who is eager to return to the election campaign after a COVID-19 infection, will first make remarks to supporters outside in the White House on Saturday (October 10) and hold a rally in Florida two days later.
Video transcript
DONALD TRUMP: At the moment I'm drug-free. I haven't been on any medication for about eight hours. I'm drug free which honestly makes me feel good. I don't like medication.
We had our last cans of almost everything. Actually the - the original transfusion, which was supposed to take about four months, you know that - the antibodies. And I think you should be protected between two and four months, and maybe longer, I don't know.
- Are you going to donate your own plasma, Mr President?
DONALD TRUMP: Well I will. Actually, nobody asked me that question, but I'll do it.
- Have you been retested?
DONALD TRUMP: I was tested again. And I haven't even figured out numbers or anything, but I've been retested and I know I'm either at the bottom of the scale or free.
- How would you feel about a debate out in Miami Beach?
DONALD TRUMP: Well, I wouldn't have any problems with that at all. When we have rallies outside, we've had no problem at all. It's better outside than inside, as you know, with this crazy thing that happened.
But I wouldn't have a problem with that. But you know, we have a ... we have always had a problem with this commission. That commission was, frankly, ridiculous.
But who wants to have a debate on the computer? Not me.

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