Trump says he will announce visa restrictions Sunday or Monday: Fox News interview

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he would announce new visa restrictions within a few days to block the entry of certain foreign workers and protect Americans struggling with a labor market destroyed by the coronavirus pandemic to have.
"We'll post something on the visa tomorrow or the next day," he told Fox News Channel.
When asked if there would be any exclusions from the new restrictions, Trump said very few.
"You need them for big companies where they have certain people who have been in for a long time but very little exclusion and they are pretty tight," he said. "And we can even get very tight for a while."
Trump, who was expected to announce new restrictions, declined to provide further details.
Critics said Trump was ready to use the pandemic to achieve his long-term goal of limiting immigration to the United States. His tough stance on immigration is central to his turnout in re-election.
Large American companies, particularly in technology, have urged Trump not to block the influx of foreign workers into the United States, as doing so would harm the economy.
The new measure would be Trump's latest move to limit immigration in response to the pandemic and the economic consequences.
In April, he ordered some foreigners to be temporarily banned from permanent residence in the United States.
In March, he also announced new health regulations that would allow immigrants caught at the border to be deported quickly and virtually block access to the U.S. asylum system.
At the same time, he announced that the land borders with Canada and Mexico would be blocked for non-essential crossings, a measure that was extended several times.

(Reporting by Tim Ahmann and Ted Hesson; editing by Daniel Wallis)

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