Trump Spends 74th Birthday Weekend Insisting That, Yes, He Can Walk Down a Ramp After Viral Video

President Donald Trump turned 74 on Sunday and should spend most of it at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.
His only public appearance will be his return trip to Washington on Sunday evening.
On Sunday morning, however, he had already spent a lot of time over the weekend on Twitter, his favorite website, where he complained about his treatment by the social media company and republished messages from supporters.
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But his critics were also numerous: various anti-Trump hashtags were trending with tens of thousands of messages, reflecting the violent reaction his divisive style caused.
At a certain moment, when the snake tail was swallowed, the president tweeted on Saturday evening to defend himself against the widespread ridicule on the left, via a video in which, following his speech to graduates from West Point, he wrote one Drove down the ramp.
The short clip shows how he held on to the top of the ramp before taking gentle steps to the floor. (Another clip from his speech shows how he clumsily raises his water glass.)
Trump, who has long insulted and attacked other people on Twitter, had once criticized predecessor Barack Obama for how he moved - which was quickly revived this weekend.
"The way President Obama runs down Air Force 1 stairs and bounces and seesaws all the way is so inelegant and un-presidential," Trump wrote in 2014. "Don't fall!"
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Doug Mills / The New York Times Pool / Getty President Donald Trump
NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP via Getty Images President Donald Trump
"Get a president who can drink water, go down a ramp, and can't escape the American people in a bunker. #RampGate," a critic wrote on Twitter on Sunday.
Another user, referring to another video of the President clumsily handling an umbrella, wrote: "Donald Trump's deadly enemies are ramps, umbrellas, and cognitive thinking."
The President replied on Saturday evening and tweeted: "The ramp I descended after my speech at the start of West Point was very long and steep, had no handrail and, above all, was very slippery. The last thing I wanted to do was do it Fall "So that the fake news have fun. I ran the last ten feet on flat ground. Momentum! "
He also re-posted a message from another user, indicating that Twitter as a company downplayed his birthday.
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Elsewhere on Sunday, the president's re-election campaign shared birthday messages and urged supporters to sign a virtual birthday card with their personal information in a standard campaign strategy for him. His family also shared good wishes.
"Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!" Daughter and senior assistant Ivanka Trump wrote on Instagram along with relapse and family photos.
Son Eric Trump posted a similar message on Instagram: "Happy Birthday Dad! We love you very much!"
First Lady Melania Trump had not released any public news until Sunday morning.

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