Trump, still fighting last election, rips Barr and Pompeo for not pursuing Clinton hard enough

President Trump attacked two of his closest associates on Thursday for not doing enough to overthrow his political opponents while he continues his obsession with the 2016 election.
In a comprehensive 55-minute interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, Trump criticized Attorney General William Barr for failing to arrest enough Democrats and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for failing to find Hillary Clinton's emails from her tenure as Secretary of State had President believed he was somewhere in the State Department.
"You're in the State Department, but Mike Pompeo couldn't get you out, which is actually very sad," said Trump. "I'm not happy with him for that reason. He couldn't get her out. I don't know why. You run the State Department and you get her out."
He also attacked FBI Director Christopher Wray for failing to investigate his allegations of widespread electoral fraud.
The live phone interview was the president's first since he was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he was receiving treatment after contracting the coronavirus.
Trump said Wray failed to do his job by not investigating electoral fraud after the FBI director said there was no evidence to prove the president's obsession with the issue, which election officials unanimously agreed to do is not a problem in national elections.
"He was disappointing," said Trump. "He doesn't see the ballot as a problem."
Last month, Wray told Congress that the office "has historically not seen any coordinated national electoral fraud effort, whether by mail or otherwise," in major elections.
President Trump, Attorney General William Barr, and FBI Director Christopher Wray. (Photo credit: Yahoo News; Photos: AP, Bill Pugliano / Getty Images)
And in his harshest criticism of Barr to date, Trump said that if he did not prosecute Clinton and other members of the Obama administration for alleged crimes, including "espionage" of his 2016 campaign, the story would look bad for the attorney general.
Members of the Trump campaign were investigated by the FBI on suspected suspicious ties to Russia, an investigation that turned into the investigation of Special Envoy Robert Mueller. Mueller found no evidence of an agreement between the campaign and Russia. There is no evidence in public records that the Obama administration collected information about Trump or that it used information collected by the FBI in support of the Clinton campaign.
"Bill Barr will either go down as the greatest attorney general in the country's history or he will go down as a very sad situation," Trump said. "I'm honest with you. He has all the information he needs. You want more, more, more. You keep getting more. I said," You don't need any more. "
Last year Barr approached U.S. attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the 2016 FBI investigation. The Justice Department gave no indication of when the results of the probe will be released.
In a spate of tweets and retweets on Wednesday, Trump wondered aloud about the state of the investigation.
"Where are all the arrests?" he tweeted. “Can you imagine the roles reversed? Long-term sentences began two years ago. Shameful!"
"NOW THAT THE RADICAL LEFT DEMOCRATS IN THE (NON) FRIENDLY TRANSFER OF THE GOVERNMENT WERE COLD BUYED, ACTUALLY REFLECTED ON THEIR CAMPAIGN AND A COUP, WE ARE entitled to ask the voters for another four years." Trump continued. "Please keep that in mind when you vote!"
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