Trump takes stock after rally embarrassment

Donald Trump's weekend rally in Oklahoma showed growing weaknesses in his campaign, although it was designed to show strength and enthusiasm in the critical months leading up to the presidential election.
The Oklahoma rally crystallized a divisive re-election message that largely ignored broad electoral groups - independents, suburban women and colored people - that could play a crucial role in the election of Trump or the democratic challenger Joe Biden as the next US president.
In particular, the unexpectedly low turnout at the comeback rally made Mr. Trump angry.
"There really is only one strategy left for him to drive this anger and rage and try to split society and see if he can achieve a tribal victory here," former Trump advisor and critic Anthony Scaramucci said on CNN Reliable Sources Program.
The president held his self-described campaign relaunch in Tulsa as the nation struggled with growing coronavirus infections, the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, and widespread unrest.
President Donald Trump's supporters cheer as Trump speaks during the rally (Evan Vucci / AP)
However, in comments that lasted more than an hour and 40 minutes, Mr. Trump didn't even give a hint of national unity.
He also failed to mention George Floyd, the African American, whose death by the Minnesota police at the end of last month sparked a national uprising over police brutality.
But he added new fuel to the nation's cultural wars, defended the Confederate statues, and racially referred to the Chinese-born coronavirus, which he called "kung flu."
He also said that democratic politician Ilhan Omar, who came to the United States as a refugee, "wants to make the government of our country the same as the country it came from, Somalia."
Mr. Trump won the presidency in 2016 with a similar tone, primarily aimed at energizing conservatives and white men of the working class.
President Donald Trump's followers listen as Mr. Trump speaks (Evan Vucci / AP)
But less than four months before the start of early voting in some states, there are signs that independent and educated voters - especially suburban women - have turned against him. Republican strategists increasingly believe that only a dramatic turnaround in the economy can revive his efforts to re-elect.
"It's bad," said Republican agent Rick Tyler, a frequent Trump critic. "There is literally nothing to run at. The only thing he can say is that Biden is worse."
But the day after Mr. Trump's Tulsa rally, the President's message was almost an afterthought when the helpers tried to explain a less-than-expected amount that outraged the President.
The campaign had been big on Tulsa.
Trump's political team announced for days that over a million people had requested tickets.
They also ignored the health warnings from the White House Coronavirus Task Force and Oklahoma officials, who were looking to host an event that would help him overcome the civil rights protests and the Coronavirus itself.
His first rally in 110 days was supposed to be a defiant demonstration of political violence to boost Mr. Trump's mood, try some attacks on Mr. Biden, and serve as a strong symbol for the reopening of the Americans.
President Donald Trump is said to have killed campaign officials for poor turnout (Sue Ogrocki / AP)
Instead, the city firefighter's office reported a crowd of just under 6,200 at the BOK center with 19,000 seats, and at least six employees who helped set up the event tested positive for the corona virus.
The vast majority of attendees, including Mr. Trump, did not wear face masks as recommended by the Trump administration's health experts.
After the rally, the president abused voter turnout. According to two White House and campaign officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, he believed that he would see huge crowds in deep red Oklahoma.
There were no signs of an impending staff restructuring, but members of Mr. Trump's inner circle were upset to see how campaign managers Brad Parscale and other executives, according to officials, could so wildly promise too much and deliver too little.
President Donald Trump comes on stage (Evan Vucci / AP)
In public, Trump's team tried to blame the media and outside demonstrators for the crowd, but the small amount of demonstrators before the rally was largely peaceful. The Tulsa police reported only one arrest on Saturday afternoon.
It is unclear when Mr. Trump will hold his next rally.
Mr. Trump will appear in Arizona on Tuesday and Wisconsin on Thursday. Both are important battlegrounds for general elections.
Meanwhile, Mr. Biden's campaign responded to the Tulsa rally by saying that Mr. Trump was "already in a bind" because of his mismanagement of the pandemic and civil rights protests.
"Donald Trump has given up leadership and it's no surprise that his followers have responded by leaving him," said Biden spokesman Andrew Bates.
"Please slow down the test" - Step on COVID-19
"Here's the bad part, if you test to this extent, you will find more people, you will find more cases. So I said to my people, 'please slow down the tests,'" Trump said. Experts say that extended diagnostic tests are responsible for some, but not all, cases - there were at least 2.23 million nationwide on Friday - and that the increasing volume of infection in some places increased hospital admissions.

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