Trump told Sen. Tommy Tuberville to 'protect yourself' right before the riot on January 6

Former President Donald Trump and then Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville will leave Air Force One on June 11, 2020. Alex Brandon / AP
Senator Tommy Tuberville spoke to Trump before he was evacuated to a safe place on Jan. 6.
Tuberville says Trump told him "I know we have problems" and "protect ourselves".
The Alabama Senator also insists that he has "no regrets" about devaluing the election results.
Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville says former President Trump urged himself to protect himself on Jan. 6 when Trump's angry supporters made their way to the Senate Chamber.
Tuberville's retelling of the story was first reported in a profile of the senator in the Washington Post on Tuesday. President Trump mistakenly called Utah Senator Mike Lee on Jan. 6, asking him to hand over his cell phone to Tuberville in the Senate Chamber. Their conversation took place after Vice President Mike Pence was evacuated but before the rest of the senators were taken away.
"I know we have problems," said Tuberville, the president told him on the call. "Protect yourself."
After being evacuated to a safe place with the rest of the body, Tuberville was one of a dozen Republican senators who all wanted to vote against a state's electoral vote huddled in a storage cabinet. Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming told the Post that the mood was "very tough" while Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma told the group that "we need to pull the country together."
"I wasn't really listening to them," Tuberville told the Post, though he remembered other details. "One thing that was raised was that people were injured," he said.
"Shall we go on like this," he said, pondered the senators, "if we are not looking for a result anyway?"
"I didn't vote for myself, I voted for the people of Alabama," Tuberville told the Post. "President Trump has 80 percent approval there. I told them, 'I'll vote how you want me to vote.'"
The former Auburn University soccer coach has taken a surprisingly different path in the months since his election, trying to build relationships across the aisle. He also called Trump's rhetoric a "mistake" before January 6, saying he was not convinced that election fraud was responsible for Trump's defeat. Even so, Tuberville does not feel sorry for his voice on the day of the Capitol Riot.
"I have no regrets," Tuberville told the Post.
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