Trump urges Republicans to speed up the Supreme Court confirmation process so they can focus on approving a stimulus package

President Donald Trump. Almond Ngan / AFP via Getty Images
President Donald Trump on Monday urged Republicans to swiftly affirm his Supreme Court so that they can also pass a stimulus package.
"Personally, I would withdraw, agree and choose STIMULUS for the people !!" he said in a tweet.
The Trump administration offered Democrats a $ 1.8 trillion stimulus package on Friday, but it was planned by both parties.
Some Senate Republicans have been reluctant to support additional aid spending that could add to national debt, and the chances are very slim that Congress will approve a stimulus package before the elections.
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President Donald Trump on Monday urged Republicans to skip the days of hearings and quickly re-approve his Supreme Court candidate, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, so they could work on approving a stimulus package.
"Republicans are giving Democrats plenty of time, which is not required, to make their selfish statements regarding our great new future Supreme Court Justice," he wrote on Twitter.
"Personally, I would withdraw, agree and choose STIMULUS for the people !!" he added.
The Senate Judiciary Committee opened hearings to confirm Barrett's on Monday. If confirmed in late October, Barrett would get a Conservative 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court.
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Democrats criticized the short timeline for the confirmation, arguing that it would come at the cost of another federal bailout to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy and help unemployed Americans and businesses in the short term.
"We shouldn't spend time doing absolutely nothing to get a much-needed COVID bill passed," Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy said in the opening speeches Monday.
The Trump administration increased its offer of stimulus packages to $ 1.8 trillion on Friday, the largest ever in a turbulent period of negotiations with Democrats. The president has revived the talks after abruptly ending them last week.
But Senate Democrats and Republicans have blown the proposal. Republicans said the price was too high and criticized several measures. And in a letter to colleagues on Saturday, House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi called it "inadequate" and raised concerns about health care funding and auditing.
Pelosi has also questioned the government's plans for federal funding of state and local aid, unemployment insurance, and tax credits for families and lower-income people.
The government on Sunday called on Congress to provide approximately $ 130 billion in unspent funds from the Small Business Paycheck Protection Program. But the Democrats have long opposed Republicans' efforts to address the public health and economic crisis through individual bills.
The legislative window for action regarding a coronavirus relief law is closing quickly, three weeks to election day. Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin were mainly involved in the negotiations on an economic aid package, with no input from the Senate Republicans. Some of them criticize the support for aid spending that would increase the national debt.
Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said last week that it was unlikely to pass an aid package before the election.
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