Trump Wants $2,000 Stimulus Checks; Threatens to Sink Stimulus Bill

Late Monday evening, Congress passed a $ 900 billion COVID relief bill that included a second round of stimulus checks ($ 600 base amount), $ 300 weekly unemployment benefits, and refinancing Small business loan from the Paycheck Protection Program and money for COVID-19 vaccines and tests, extended tax breaks, and more. Now, less than 24 hours after the 5,593-page bill was approved by Congress, President Trump is threatening to withhold his signature unless the legislation is changed.
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In a video tweet, Trump called the bill a "shame" and called on Congress to send him an "appropriate bill or the next government will have to deliver a COVID aid package". The president called for changes that would increase the second round stimulus checks from $ 600 to $ 2,000 and "remove the wasteful and unnecessary elements" in the bill.
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With regard to the stimulus checks, Trump explicitly stated that "family members of illegal aliens" would be eligible for the direct payments. This is not supported by the President.
Regarding waste and unnecessary supplies, Trump listed a number of items on the bill that he said had "almost nothing to do with COVID," such as foreign aid, money for museums and cultural arts centers, fish and wildlife research and FBI construction projects.
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House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi responded with support for the $ 2,000 stimulus check idea. "Finally the president has approved $ 2,000," she said in a tweet. "The Democrats are ready to unanimously bring this to the ground this week. Let's do it!"
Chuck Schumer, chairman of the Senate minority, saw it differently. He tweeted: "Trump has to sign the bill to help the people and keep the government open, and we're happy to say goodbye to more help Americans need."
If President Trump doesn't sign the bill, it will result in a government shutdown next week.
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