Trump warns California will have to ration water because it dumps so much in the sea to help 'certain little tiny fish'

Delta Smelt, a protected species found in California and blamed for water rationing by Donald Trump (Peterson, B. Moose / US Fish and Wildlife Service)
Donald Trump reverted to an old line of scrimmage that ridiculed Democrats for transporting "little tiny fish" from California's deltas at sea, claiming the state will soon "need to ration water."
Speaking to Sean Hannity, the Fox News host, the US president suggested Thursday that the Democratic-led state should ration its water supplies as a result of protecting a small species of fish known as the Delta Melt.
The small silver-blue 3-inch fish smell of cucumbers and are only found in San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, where they are a protected species.
Trump told the Sean Hannity Show that California's conservation policies aimed at protecting the Delta Melt, which were rapidly declining in numbers prior to the 2016 elections amid the ongoing drought, were responsible for the water loss.
"California has to ration water. Do you want to know why? Because they send millions of liters of water into the ocean and the Pacific," he said on Thursday.
"[It's] because they want to take care of certain small fish that don't do very well without water," added Trump, who made the same claims in 2016 amid farmers' concerns.
"They have farms here and they don't get any water. It's so ridiculous that they take the water and put it in the ocean," he told a crowd apparently referring to 1.4 trillion gallons of water that California reportedly reported between 2008 and 2011 Pumped into San Francisco Bay in 2016 to save the delta melt's shrinking population.
The Wall Street Journal reported that this water could have provided approximately 6.4 million California residents with a six-year water supply, which caused indignation among farmers who used Delta water for irrigation.
Mr Trump's recent comments came when Mr Hannity asked what a Green New Deal would look like under Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, whose environmental proposals do not directly support the Green New Deal - which proposes tough measures to combat the climate crisis.
While the president claimed "Biden agreed to Crazy Bernie and other progressives," the Democrat's climate change plan describes the Green New Deal as "a crucial framework for addressing the climatic challenges we face".
Mr Biden reiterated during the President’s first televised debate with Mr Trump that he did not support the Green New Deal and said, "No, I do not support the Green New Deal."
"The Biden plan that I came up with ... which is different," he added.
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