Trump will be slammed with a pile of personal lawsuits once he leaves office. Here are 9 major ones he'll have to face.

President Donald Trump's health agenda includes lowering prescription drug prices and tackling surprise medical bills. Almond Ngan / AFP via Getty Images
During his tenure, President Donald Trump largely evaded the civil claims against him.
That could change when the president leaves office. This would be in January if he lost the election to former Vice President Joe Biden.
Legal experts who spoke to Business Insider earlier believed that if Trump is voted out, he may face a number of legal issues.
There are at least 9 major ongoing lawsuits the president is involved in, ranging from defamation cases for his refusal to engage in sexual assault to allegations that he and his children misled victims into selling goods for a tiered marketing company.
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Before and during his presidency, Donald Trump was sued dozens of times. The lawsuits alleged everything from business deals to sexual assault.
Some cases have been resolved or dismissed. However, some of them remain active, suspended or slowed down until he leaves office. He has to face the onslaught of lawsuits if he loses re-election and becomes a private citizen again.
As Business Insider's Dave Levinthal previously reported, Trump is likely to face a wide variety of federal investigations if he loses to former Vice President Joe Biden next month. He may also be charged with his role in covering up hush money payments to Karen McDougal - a conspiracy that put his former attorney, Michael Cohen, in jail.
Norm Eisen, a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, told Business Insider that there were several reasons Trump managed to avoid court appearances.
"Part of that is the power of the presidency," he said. "Part of that is the slowness of the system. He's the target of a number of litigation and investigations, but he was able to take advantage of the system's extremely slowness in the Vance [tax return] case, for example."
Some legal action against Trump and his network of organizations was successful. He and his children agreed to liquidate the Donald J. Trump Foundation after an investigation by New York State found they had repeatedly lied about charity work.
Some have been settled in arbitration, such as the lawsuit filed by Noel Cintron, Trump's long-time driver in 2018, who claimed he was owed $ 200,000 in unpaid overtime. Other plaintiffs, such as Alva Johnson, who claimed Trump kissed her without consent at a 2016 Florida rally, have dropped their lawsuits. "I'm fighting a person with unlimited resources," she told the Daily Beast after dropping the case in 2019.
"There will be an increasing number of these legal steps that will put him under more and more pressure," said Eisen. "It gets more intense when he's out of the office and doesn't have the presidency's excuses to block things. But in any case, he's got the responsibility."
Here are nine of the ongoing lawsuits Trump has yet to deal with.
Trump faces a defamation lawsuit against "The Apprentice" candidate Summer Zervos.
In this file photo dated October 18, 2018, Summer Zervos is leaving the New York State Court of Appeals in New York. Associated Press / Mary Altaffer
Summer Zervos, a candidate during the 2005 season of Trump's reality show "The Apprentice," sued President Trump in 2017, claiming the president defamed her when he denied her allegations of sexually assaulting her in 2007.
In 2019, Zervos claimed she had evidence, including calendar entries and emails, to support her claims.
Trump was given a deadline for filing before the end of January 2020 at some point, but the case has since been closed.
The Washington, DC attorney general sued the Trump Organization, claiming it was knowingly overwhelmed for services at the president's DC hotel.
A general view of the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Reuters
In September, a federal judge in Washington, DC denied Trump's motion to dismiss the lawsuit alleging the Trump organization misused charitable funds to enrich Trump's businesses, NBC News reported.
The lawsuit was filed in January by Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl Racine alleging that Trump's inaugural committee spent more than $ 1 million at the president's DC hotel, even though it knew it was overwhelmed for services, according to the report .
Advisory columnist E. Jean Carroll has also sued Trump, claiming he defamed her by denying raping her in the 1990s.
E. Jean Carroll in 2019. Eva Deitch for the Washington Post / Getty Images
In June 2019, Counselor E. Jean Carroll accused President Donald Trump of raping her in a New York department store in the mid-1990s.
After the President denied the allegations, Caroll sued the President for defamation in November 2019.
In a largely atypical step in September 2020, the White House asked the Justice Department to intervene in the defense of the president in the defamation process.
The president is still facing a lawsuit resulting from a clash between his security and a group of protesters in 2015.
A guard stands outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan on August 24, 2018. Spencer Platt / Getty
The lawsuit was filed by a group of Mexican-American citizens who protested at a 2015 rally outside Trump Tower in New York.
Plaintiffs allege security guards pushed them, destroyed their signs, and Trump's security chief hit one of them in the head while another tried to suffocate a protester, the Washington Post previously reported.
In September 2019, a federal judge ordered Trump to testify on the case, despite a different judge giving the order a temporary stay, according to the Post.
The New York attorney general is also suing the Trump Organization to force it to comply with its investigation.
In this file photo dated August 6, 2020, New York Attorney General Letitia James asks a question at a press conference in New York. Kathy Willens / Associated Press
In August, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization in a Manhattan state court to enforce a subpoena against the president's son, Eric, and his personal attorney, Bloomberg said.
In a letter dated August 21, the Attorney General's office stated that it had "not completed its investigation and made no decision as to whether the facts established so far justify violations of the law".
As noted by CNBC, James is investigating whether the Trump organization mispriced real estate in financial statements to get credit, as well as economic and tax benefits.
The President's former personal attorney has sued the Trump Organization for nearly $ 2 million in unpaid fees.
Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for US President Donald Trump, leaves his apartment to report to the New York prison. Reuters
Michael Cohen, the President's former and since-banned personal attorney, filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization in a New York court starting in 2019, claiming he had not paid him nearly $ 2 million in legal fees owed.
A group of plaintiffs are suing Trump and his adult children, claiming they misled victims into selling products for ACN, a multi-tier marketing company.
White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump introduces her father, US President Donald Trump, to deliver his acceptance speech as the Republican presidential candidate for 2020 in August.
In October 2019, a group of plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Trump's adult children and a member of the Trump Organization misled victims into selling products for the American Communications Network.
The group claims the Trump family misled them to get rich from the multi-tier marketing company, which billed $ 499 to sell the goods, according to Reuters.
The president's niece is suing Trump and his siblings.
The president's niece, Mary (L), sued the president and his siblings in September. AP / Getty
Mary Trump, the president's niece, who published a book criticizing him in July, has sued the president, his sister Mary, and late brother Robert for cheating on them of an inheritance.
In the lawsuit, filed in a New York court in September, she accused the family of fraud and of plotting to "suck funds away from their interests, hide their grip and mislead them about the true worth of what they inherited would have. ""
Trump Hotels is being sued for its actions related to a property previously managed in Panama.
View of the hotel sign after the Trump letters were removed from outside the hotel in Panama City on March 5, 2018. RODRIGO ARANGUA / AFP via Getty Images
In the first lawsuit, Orestes Fintiklis and his fund Ithaca Capital Investments, which took control of the property from Trump International Hotels Management in 2018, alleged that Trump had mismanaged the hotel in Panama. They asked for $ 15 million in damages, Bloomberg reported.
Fintiklis also claimed he and his fund faced millions in debt because Trump underpaid taxes on the project. In March 2020, a federal judge allowed Trump's former business associates to amend their lawsuit to add fraud and breach of contract claims.
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