Trump yard sign taped with razor blades sliced a Michigan town worker's hand and left him needing 13 stitches

President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign lawn sign with razor blades. Oakland County Sheriff's Office
A razor-lined lawn sign from President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign cut open a Commerce Township, the fingers of a Michigan worker, causing 13 stitches on Oct.7, the Detroit Free Press reported.
The razor blades were taped to the bottom edge of the campaign sign and cut off three fingers from the worker as he tried to move them for violating a city ordinance.
Homeowners - who said they knew nothing about the razor blades - have recently had several Trump campaign signs stolen, although some have been returned to their gardens, according to the Detroit Free Press report.
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A razor-lined lawn sign from President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign cut the fingers of an urban construction inspector in Commerce Township, Michigan, causing 13 stitches, the Detroit Free Press reported.
The nameless 52-year-old employee was cut while removing the sign for violating a city ordinance regarding the distance between a lawn sign and the road, according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office incident report. The signs must be at least 30 meters from the center of the road, but the sign in question was only 30 meters away.
The Oakland County Sheriff's Office stated that the razor blades were attached to the bottom edge of the campaign sign and cut three fingers of the worker when he tried to move it.
At first the man believed he had been electrocuted until he let go of the sign and found his hand was bleeding, trading community leader Dave Scott told WDIV. Then he drove himself to the hospital.
The police removed two signs from the property, both of which were lined with razor blades.
According to the Detroit Free Press report, the homeowners - who said they were unaware of the razor blades - recently stole several Trump campaign signs, even though some of them were returned to their gardens while they were away.
The local sheriff's office is still investigating the incident, but Commerce Township officials are currently considering legal action, according to WDIV report. Business Insider contacted the Oakland County Sheriff's office for comment.
The theft of lawn signs prior to the presidential election is not uncommon, a problem reported by both Republican and Democratic officials, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.
Unfortunately, attaching razor blades to campaign signs is also not uncommon.
In 2016, someone stuck razor blades on another Trump campaign sign and left it outside a polling station where it eventually prevented a person from blocking an information sign, according to a Washington Post report. And last month, one person went viral on Tik Tok for sticking razor blades and needles on their Joe Biden sign after their first one was stolen, according to Tik Tok's caption.
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